Top 10 Most Popular Comedy TV Sitcoms to Watch Now

Top 10 Most Popular Comedy TV Sitcoms to Watch Now

Looking for a good laugh? Well, look no further. This list has the top 10 most watched sitcoms on TV right now for your viewing entertainment.

Each month, this list is updated based on what real DIRECTV customers are watching at home. From The Big Bang Theory to Modern Family, this list will help comedy TV fans stay up to date on the best sitcoms available to watch now.


Below is your go-to list of the funniest comedy shows to watch on TV right now. Whether you’re looking for a single episode to pass the time or want to binge a whole sitcom series, you can’t go wrong.

The_Big_Bang_Theory.jpg1. ‘The Big Bang Theory’

↑1 vs. Prior Month

The Big Bang Theory is one of the most popular comedy TV shows of the last decade, and for good reason. With its smart and witty humor, charming characters and the occasional physics lesson, this sitcom has warmed hearts for 12 seasons, and continues to today. Whether watching for the first time or reliving your favorite moments, it’s difficult not to fall in love with these nerds.

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Everybody_Loves_Raymond.jpg2. ‘Everybody Loves Raymond’

↑4 vs. Prior Month

Witness chaotic, hilarious family dynamics in Everybody Loves Raymond, an iconic sitcom that explores the relatable experiences of the Barone family. With its unrelenting humor, the show has received praise for its genuine portrayal of family life. It’s no wonder the show’s 9 seasons are still some of the most popular on TV. Each episode’s clever writing and stellar performances from cast members including Emmy award winner, Ray Romano, will captivate you, making it one to watch over and over again.

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Ghosts_UK.jpg3. ‘Ghosts UK’

↑51 vs. Prior Month

Immerse yourself in the amusing, yet eerie world of Ghosts UK, a must-watch comedy that bridges the gap between reality and the supernatural. After inheriting an estate, the characters of this unique comedy realize they aren’t alone, but rather sharing the space with those who have passed over to the other side. Among the hilarious one-liners and ghostly interactions are uplifting moments that are surprisingly moving, and you don’t want to miss them.

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Friends.jpg4. ‘Friends’

↓3 vs. Prior Month

Six friends, a coffee shop and a whole lot of laughs can only mean one thing: Friends. With its unique blend of humor and heart, this Emmy-winning show remains a favorite decades after its debut. With an iconic cast, including Jennifer Aniston and Courtney Cox, and relatable plot points (except who can really afford that kind of apartment in their 20s?), continues to resonate across generations. For long-term fans and new viewers, Friends is a timeless treasure and has had a lasting impact on the state of American television.

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Young_Sheldon.jpg5. ‘Young Sheldon’

↑6 vs. Prior Month

If you loved The Big Bang Theory, this is your chance to get to know one of its characters long before meeting the rest of the gang. Young Sheldon is a prequel to The Big Bang Theory that explores Sheldon’s unique childhood in East Texas, where his exceptional intelligence and quirky personality were not always perceived as positive. Boasting well-written scripts and brilliant performances, this show provides a delightful mashup of humor and heart, showing fans the making of a genius in an endearing and entertaining way.

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The_Office_US6. ‘The Office US’

↑6 vs. Prior Month

Enter the world of The Office, a perfect storm of hilarity, relatability and raw human interaction set in a mundane paper sales office. With a slew of unconventional characters – Michael Scott and Dwight Schrute, we’re looking at you – this upbeat sitcom has been drawing in audiences for decades. With near-perfect execution and laugh out loud humor, The Office shines in the sitcom genre while providing a biting commentary on corporate work culture.

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Ghosts_US.jpg7. ‘Ghosts US’

↑66 vs. Prior Month

Discover the hysterical world of Ghosts US, yet another delightful blend of humor and the supernatural. Based off the success of Ghosts UK, this sitcom introduces you to a variety of comical ghostly characters, each with their own quirky stories and life lessons for us to take away. This unique show reimagines the supernatural with an eccentric, comedic twist that has kept audiences hooked. Expect a thrilling rollercoaster ride of humor, surprises and lovable ghostly gags that make this a must-watch series.

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Castle.jpg8. ‘Castle’

↑9 vs. Prior Month

Meet Rick Castle, an acclaimed mystery novelist who finds himself in the middle of real-world criminal investigations. Castle follows him and Kate Beckett, a tenacious NYPD detective, as they solve intriguing crimes that seem eerily similar to those in Rick’s books. Each episode combines humor, suspense and a touch of romance that helps transform this show from a conventional crime drama into a must-watch series.

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modern_family.jpg9. ‘Modern Family’

↓2 vs. Prior Month

A sitcom for the ages, Modern Family uniquely captures the complexities, humor and warmth of contemporary family life. With exceptional character development throughout the seasons and hilarious storytelling, it’s no surprise the show has won multiple Emmys. Streaming all 11 seasons now, Modern Family promises laughter, tears and relatable moments for every viewer, making it a truly binge-worthy sitcom.

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The_King_of_Queens.jpg10. ‘The King of Queens’

↓2 vs. Prior Month

The King of Queens is a sitcom that explores the hilarious dynamics of a quintessential average Joe’s life in Queens, New York. Whether it’s the relatable scenarios, lovable characters or witty humor, The King of Queens is an easy watch that is sure to make you laugh out loud. A realistic portrayal of suburban life, this show offers sidesplitting moments that will leave viewers wanting more.

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And there you have it: the top 10 most watched sitcom shows on DIRECTV right now. Stay tuned for updates to come so you can keep up with the best TV comedy shows being watched right now.

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