Privacy Center

We recently updated a Privacy Policy. Learn
more about the updates or read a prior version.

Welcome to the new DIRECTV Privacy Center. Here you can read our Privacy Policy to find out how we collect, use and share your information, keep it safe, and the privacy choices you have. You’ll also find helpful links to state laws where residents have additional privacy choices, and to the privacy policies of other DIRECTV companies, like DIRECTV STREAM.

We know that you count on us to deliver the best TV and on demand experiences, and that you also count on us to protect your personal information. Privacy is fundamental to our business and we’re committed to:

  • Transparency - We’re open and honest about how we use your data
  • Choice and Control - We give you choices about how we use your data
  • Security - We use strong safeguards to keep your data confidential and secure
  • Integrity - We do what we say

We work hard to protect your information, to earn and maintain your trust, and to provide you with products and services that have privacy at the forefront.

Thank you for choosing DIRECTV.