The Top Educational Shows on TV For Toddlers & Kids

The Top Educational Shows on TV For Toddlers & Kids

Reading, writing, and arithmetic are on full display with this list of the top 10 best educational shows to watch on TV right now.

Keep an eye on this list as it is updated with the latest and greatest educational shows so you can be sure you’re in the loop. From PAW Patrol to Sesame Street, this list will help educational show fans stay up to date on the most popular educational shows available.


Let’s get started. Here are the trending educational shows that TV-watchers are enjoying right now, with all the information you need to check them out for yourself.

1. ‘PAW Patrol’

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Join the adventurous world of PAW Patrol, where a pack of wonderfully courageous canines use their unique skills to perform rescue operations in the bustling town of Adventure Bay. Led by a tenacious 10-year-old human boy Ryder these pups prove no job is too big and no pup is too small. Immerse yourself in a series that expertly blends exciting narratives with valuable lessons on teamwork, friendship, and bravery.

2. ‘Bubble Guppies’

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Dive into the undersea learning adventures of the Bubble Guppies, a group of fish-tailed preschoolers who discover and explore new worlds, solving different problems along the way. With a blend of music, comedy, and educational elements, Bubble Guppies provides younger viewers with a playful introduction to different topics from science to art and more.

3. ‘Rubble & Crew’

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Promotional image for educational show Rubble & CrewEmbark on endless construction adventures with Rubble & Crew. Kids will learn essential life skills through fun and entertainment as each episode unfolds with Rubble, the lovable bulldog construction worker from PAW Patrol leading the way. Rubble & Crew showcases the spirit of teamwork, discipline and problem-solving in each exciting episode.

4. ‘Cocomelon’

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Promotional image for educational show CocomelonCocomelon follows toddler JJ and his siblings as they go on fun and educational adventures in their town, Cocomelon. This animated series is all about teaching children aged one to four about letters, numbers, animal sounds and more through catchy songs and vibrant animations. Each episode explores day-to-day life experiences and lessons in a way that engages young viewers and encourages them to sing, dance, and laugh their way to verbal and mathematical mastery.

5. ‘The Tiny Chef Show’

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Promotional image for educational show The Tiny Chef ShowGet ready to cook up some fun in the endearing culinary world of The Tiny Chef Show. Take gastronomical joyrides with our main character, the pint-sized Chef, as he whips up miniature masterpieces in his charmingly small and rustic kitchen.

Animated with stop-motion, this delightful series is a heartwarming blend of imaginative cooking and irresistible cuteness. Watch Chef’s earnest endeavors to perfect recipes and his amusing interactions with his tiny world — an enchanting viewing experience for all age groups.

6. ‘Wild Kratts’

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Promotional image for educational show Wild KrattsJourney into the wild with the animated adventuring duo Chris and Martin Kratt on Wild Kratts. The Kratt brothers, equipped with incredible creature power suits, take viewers on an exhilarating ride through the animal kingdom to explore the secret lives of extraordinary creatures.

Each episode not only brims with thrilling animal action and laugh-out-loud moments but also features top-notch educational content that can transform any child into a wildlife enthusiast. Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of Wild Kratts and discover intriguing animal facts like never before.

7. ‘Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood’

↑ 8 vs. Prior Week

Promotional image for educational show Daniel Tiger's NeighborhoodThis animated series, inspired by Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood, follows the adorable Daniel Tiger, son of the original series’ Daniel Striped Tiger. Daniel, with his red sweater and silver watch, guides young viewers through timeless, important lessons on empathy, kindness, and understanding.

Through the power of imagination, viewers are invited into a delightful world that explores the highs and lows of growing up, all sung in engaging melodies. Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood is a heartwarming series for children and adults alike to learn important life lessons while enjoying family-friendly entertainment.

8. ‘Hope in the Wild’

↓ 3 vs. Prior Week

Hope in the Wild takes the audiences on a deep dive into the life of nature advocate and rehabilitation expert Hope Swinimer. With her dedicated team, she saves the lives of orphaned, injured, and displaced animals, providing them care and preparing them for the wild.

The show is a captivating blend of compassion, wildlife education, and touching wildlife success stories. Watch as Hope’s charismatic personality shines through her extraordinary mission in Hope in the Wild.

9. Sesame Street

↓ 2 vs. Prior Week

Promotional image for educational show Sesame StreetDive into the colorful, educational world of Sesame Street, a long-running children’s show beloved by generations. Join well-known characters such as big-hearted Big Bird, insatiable Cookie Monster, and curious Elmo as they navigate life’s lessons in the charming neighborhood of Sesame Street.

The show expertly combines puppetry, dialogue, and interactive activities, cultivating an engaging platform for early education. Whether learning numbers with Count von Count or exploring new words with Kermit the Frog, Sesame Street provides a dynamic and fun-filled learning experience to children everywhere.

10. ‘Arthur’

↔ vs. Prior Week

Promotional image for educational show Arthur

Arthur, a beloved children’s animated series, follows the adventures of Arthur Read, a young aardvark navigating the complexities of childhood with his friends and family in the fictional town of Elwood City.

The show is celebrated for its educational content, exploring themes like friendship, honesty and cultural diversity, making it a perfect choice for young viewers and their parents. Tune in to join Arthur and his pals as they learn valuable life lessons through engaging stories and relatable experiences.

And there you have it: the top 10 educational shows to stream at home. Stay tuned for updates to come so you can keep up with the best content available right now.

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