Children in blue soccer jerseys celebrating with soccer ball overhead. The text to the right reads “Win $500 in Sports Scholarship. Courtesy of DIRECTV Children in blue soccer jerseys celebrating with soccer ball overhead. The text to the right reads “Win $500 in Sports Scholarship. Courtesy of DIRECTV


DIRECTV will be continuing its strong partnership with LeagueSide to support youth sports leagues through the fall season. In 2022, DIRECTV has sponsored over 850 youth sports leagues, directly impacting communities across the country. From small recreational volleyball programs to large, competitive basketball and soccer leagues, DIRECTV is dedicated to making youth sports more accessible. As a provider of sports on TV, it only makes sense that DIRECTV provides the opportunity for kids to play sports in real life, too.

Leagues use DIRECTV sponsorship dollars for a variety of programs. The most common are financial aid for athletes, equipment, and field maintenance. Other uses can include facility/field rental fees, referee costs, and coaching development programs. The bottom line is that every sponsorship dollar goes towards making the youth sports experience better and more affordable for kids.

"We are a community-based fully volunteer-run organization that has been in existence for over 50 years. Sponsorship and donation dollars help us maintain and improve facilities, offer scholarships to kids who can't afford to play, and improve our program offerings,” said David Stein, commissioner of Northport Cow Harbor United Soccer Club.

The cost of youth sports is constantly rising, meaning many young athletes face barriers to playing their sports. By sponsoring leagues and offering scholarships directly to players, DIRECTV is helping lower these barriers.

DIRECTV knows that youth sports bring communities together. Now, more than ever, we want to ensure that young athletes have the opportunity to build their skills, connect with their community, and have the ability to participate in youth sports. We want to be there to celebrate the big wins throughout the season!

“Sports are at the heart of DIRECTV’s legacy of connecting fans to their favorite teams and leagues,” said Vince Torres, Chief Marketing Officer at DIRECTV. “[These connections] also give us the opportunity to demonstrate our commitment to and our love for sports, celebrating athletes of all ages alongside family and friends in the moments that matter.”

DIRECTV is invested in the communities we serve. Our investment comes to life in many forms, and youth sports sponsorships are a huge component of it. Youth sports organizations are not only pillars of their communities, but also communities themselves. Athletes form lifelong friendships and learn teamwork and interpersonal skills. DIRECTV helps foster these bonds by ensuring leagues are able to continue to operate and grow.

As the cost of living continues to increase, DIRECTV wants to ensure that the costs of equipment and registration fees don’t hold families back from experiencing their happiest moments each week. Whether it’s a practice or a playoff, every kid deserves the chance to play. Through sponsorships and scholarships, we’re able to provide assistance and help give everyone the opportunity to play!