More than 35,000 Movies & TV episodes on DIRECTV via Internet!

Rent or buy new titles and revisit favorites now on DIRECTV via Internet. All your favorite entertainment, all in one place.

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Rent or buy right from your exclusive DIRECTV Gemini device

When it comes to entertainment, you can never have too many choices. Check out all the movie & TV show options on your Gemini device to purchase or rent.

New Movies & TV Shows every week
Through your On Demand portal, search through titles and see what’s available.
Find more in the Video Store
Visit the Video Store tab on the left-side menu for the newest releases and titles on sale.
Use your voice to search
Tired of typing out titles? Just use your voice with the Google Assistant button on your DIRECTV remote. Google login required.
Buy an episode of your favorite show
Get that single episode you missed. Buy it and keep it to watch on your time.
Easy access to your rentals & purchases
Find your rentals and purchases in My Library to access whenever you want.
Bookmark entertainment for easy access
You don’t have to search twice. Choose titles to watch later and keep them in your bookmarks.
Reqs. DIRECTV Gemini to order. To access content, customer must maintain a DIRECTV subscription in good standing. Current customers may obtain a refund w/in 30 days for unviewed rental/60 days for purchased titles. Concurrent streams limited to three for purchased titles, two for rented titles. Visit for terms and conditions and complete details.
Gemini Device 4K HDVR.
Don’t have DIRECTV Gemini? Upgrade now
Instant access to live TV and your streaming apps*. Now the place you can buy, rent, and store TV On Demand. All that in one device? Seems like time to switch.
*Google login required. High speed internet required. Additional paid subscription/login required for 3rd party app content.

Frequently asked questions

  1. Log in to your DIRECTV online account.
  2. Go to Overview.
  3. Under My Streaming Devices, select Manage.
  4. Select Add a Device.
  5. Choose the quantity of devices and payment option.
  6. Select Change shipping address if you need to update the shipping address.
    1. Enter new address on the next page.
    2. Click Save Address.
  7. Select Complete Order.

You can SEARCH for, RENT or BUY titles, and PLAYBACK ordered titles from your Gemini device.
The Gemini device is the streaming device that is exclusive to DIRECTV. This device allows you to stream live TV, use apps, watch on-demand content, set DVR recordings and more.

On the Gemini device, you can find the growing list of Titles by exploring titles under On Demand or Home of the main menu. If you are looking for a specific Title, you can search by entering keywords or using voice search to find a Title. Available Titles for purchase or rent are displayed in search results with a “$” shown underneath the Title.

On your Gemini device, movies are available to buy or rent, and TV episodes are available to buy only. Playback is available on any supported device.

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