Watch Enticing Reality Dating Shows

Watch Enticing Reality Dating Shows

Reality TV junkies and faux-reality fanatics gather ‘round. Are you sick of wasting your time on lackluster shows? So are we. 

Even if you prefer reality dating shows as more of a guilty pleasure (no judgment here), you still want to watch the best of what’s out there.  

To simplify things, we’re breaking down the hottest in dating reality shows. Grab the popcorn and settle in for drama, romance and a healthy dose of chaos.  

What Are the Best Reality Dating Shows?

Reality dating shows are a staple of TV programming today, but some of these shows are better than others. Whether you enjoy these shows because of the drama and conflict or the potential for human connection, there’s no denying they are fun to watch and provide an exclusive view into people’s personal, romantic lives.   

But it’s impossible to escape into the world of love and excitement if you don’t know which shows to watch. 

We want to ensure you don’t miss the best reality dating shows, so we’ll spill the tea on our favorites. No reality dating shows list would be complete without: 

  • The Bachelor 
  • Love Island 
  • Married at First Sight 

‘The Bachelor’

If you know anything about dating reality shows (or honestly, even if you don’t), you’ve likely heard of The Bachelor on ABC. This show has become a cultural phenomenon following its debut in 2002 and is a must-see for reality TV fans. 

Each season, a single man (“the bachelor”) meets eligible women who vie for his affection and the opportunity to become his fiancée.  

As the season progresses, the bachelor must eliminate contestants during rose ceremonies until only a few women remain. These final contestants meet the bachelor’s family, and in the last episode of each season, he’ll propose marriage to one woman.  

Fans of this show love it for the unexpected twists that happen throughout the season as women fight for the bachelor’s attention. So, if the best reality dating shows in your opinion have jaw-dropping drama, The Bachelor is for you.  

‘Are You the One?’

Premiering in 2014 on MTV, Are You the One? follows a group of singles as they meet up in a tropical locale to find their perfect match. The catch? They already have a “perfect match” set by matchmaking technology before the show even begins, and contestants only have a limited timeframe to match everyone up if they want to win big money. 

Contestants get to know each other over the course of the show and complete challenges together to test compatibility. At the end of each episode, the group decides who they think might be the correct matches.  

But things aren’t always so simple. The contestants constantly struggle with pursuing their own romantic interests (ahem, not necessarily “perfect match” material) and wanting to help the group collectively. This creates stirring drama and tension as friendships emerge and dissolve, and individuals try to find out who their connections really are. 

This show is full of excitement, anticipation and spicy romance fans of reality TV dating shows will appreciate. As tensions rise, heated arguments ensue and betrayals come to light, Are You The One? will keep you on your toes from start to finish. 

‘Married at First Sight’ 

Married at First Sight takes the idea of an arranged marriage up a notch. This rollercoaster of emotions keeps you hooked all season long on Lifetime

In a specified city, experts interview thousands of candidates and carefully select individuals to create perfect matches based on values, personality and interests. And you guessed it — these couples don’t see each other or meet until it’s time to get married. 

After the wedding, you follow the newlyweds as they go on a honeymoon, navigate married life and get to know each other. Since these couples don’t know anything about each other, many challenges test the strength of their relationship (and communication skills) throughout the show. 

Couples on Married at First Sight face unique issues other dating shows can’t match. There’s plenty of drama, tears, arguments and meltdowns fans of top reality dating shows won’t want to skip. 

How Can I Watch Reality Dating Shows?

You never know when the internet’s new favorite on-screen couples will appear on reality dating shows. And you definitely don’t want to be the only one who didn’t see a huge turning point between the reality couples you love.  

Talk about FOMO. 

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