The 10 Most Popular Historical Drama Movies Right Now

The 10 Most Popular Historical Drama Movies Right Now

History is replete with great stories, whether they’re deeply inspiring tales of bravery or emotionally heart wrenching accounts of terrible tragedies. This list of the top 10 best historical drama movies to watch on TV right now will take you on an odyssey through some of history’s most significant – and dramatic – moments.

Keep an eye on this list as it is updated with the latest and greatest drama shows so you can be sure you’re in the loop. From Saving Private Ryan to Brooklyn, this list will help fans of historical fiction stay up to date on the most popular history movies available.


Let’s get started. Here are the trending history movies that TV-watchers are enjoying right now, with all the information you need to check them out for yourself.

1. ‘Saving Private Ryan’

↔ vs. Prior Week

Promotional image for history movie Saving Private RyanA riveting odyssey through the horrors of World War II, Saving Private Ryan is a cinematic masterpiece that leaves a lasting impact. Tom Hanks delivers a compelling performance as Captain John Miller, who embarks on a nearly impossible mission to locate and bring home Private James Ryan deep inside enemy territory in occupied France.

Plunging viewers into the unfathomable cruelty of warfare, the film grips your attention with unflinching realism. Beyond its heart-wrenching narrative and gripping action, Saving Private Ryan underscores a profound meditation on the nature of sacrifice and bravery.

2. ‘Gladiator’

↓ 1 vs. Prior Week

Promotional image for history movie GladiatorPrepare to step into the blood-soaked sands of the Roman Colosseum with Ridley Scott’s Gladiator. This explosive epic features Russell Crowe in his Oscar-winning role as Maximus, a Roman general betrayed by his heartless Emperor, Commodus, portrayed by Joaquin Phoenix.

Framed for treason, Maximus becomes a gladiator, fighting for vengeance and his honor in Rome’s greatest arena. Gladiator is more than a film about survival and revenge; it’s a journey into the heart of an ancient civilization, showcasing the triumph and tragedy of a man who became a legend. This captivating saga will take you back in time and leave you breathless with its awe-inspiring conclusions.

3. ‘Walk the Line’

↑ 30 vs. Prior Week

Promotional image for history movie Walk The LineWalk the Line is a poignant bio-drama that takes you on a right into the life of legendary country musician Johnny Cash, artfully portrayed by Joaquin Phoenix. From his hardscrabble early years in Arkansas to his tumultuous relationship with the fiery June Carter, played by Reese Witherspoon, to his unexpected rise to fame.

As the film takes dramatic twists and turns, one thing stands clear: Cash’s life was as passionate and tumultuous as his music. Set against the backdrop of America’s evolving music industry, this movie unravels the hardships of being a star and is a must-see watch for every music lover.

4. ‘The King’s Speech’

↑ 9 vs. Prior Week

Promotional image for history movie The King's SpeechDiscover the untold, inspiring story of King George VI’s struggle with his speech in the award-winning movie The King’s Speech. Colin Firth portrays King George VI who, plagued by a debilitating speech impediment, is thrust onto the throne at the brink of World War II.

Helena Bonham Carter shines as Elizabeth, who hires the eccentric, unconventional speech therapist Lionel Logue to help her father. As friendship develops between the King and his therapist, so does an incredible transformation in the King’s speech, proving that even in the face of adversity, a leader can find their voice.

5. ‘Titanic’

↑ 3 vs. Prior Week

Promotional image for history movie TitanicTitanic was a masterpiece of 1990s filmmaking. Starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet as lovers Jack and Rose, the movie skillfully merges a poignant love story with the harsh realities of the catastrophic sinking of the RMS Titanic.

Battling social class differences, the two find love in the most unlikely place, but their world is rocked when the ship hits an iceberg. This Academy Award-winning film filled with heartache, suspense and unforgettable performances will immerse you in the ill-fated voyage, compelling you to ask if love can indeed conquer all, even impending doom.

6. ‘Gangs of New York’

↑ 19 vs. Prior Week

Promotional image for history movie Gangs of New YorkToss yourself into the gritty underworld of 1860s New York City in Martin Scorsese’s Gangs of New York. In a masterful performance, Leonardo DiCaprio stars as Amsterdam Vallon, a man seeking revenge against Bill the Butcher for killing his father. As Vallon navigates the city’s dangerous tribal warfare, he becomes ensnared in the political upheaval of the era.

Prepare for a wave of high-tension drama, revenge and fascinating historical insight in this cinematic masterpiece that serves as a brutal love letter to the city that never sleeps.

7. ‘Robin Hood’

↑ 39 vs. Prior Week

Promotional image for history movie Robin HoodRobin Hood is a beloved 1973 Disney animated film that reimagines the classic tale of the heroic outlaw with a charming twist: all characters are depicted as animals. Following the adventures of the cunning Robin Hood, who is portrayed as a fox, the film combines adventure, romance and humor as Robin and his band of merry animals fight against the injustices of the greedy Prince John.

This family-friendly movie captivates audiences with its memorable music, witty dialogues and heartwarming story of bravery and justice.

8. ‘We Were Soldiers’

↑ 10 vs. Prior Week

Promotional image for history movie We Were Soldiers, directed by Randall Wallace, is a gripping and emotional exploration into the horrors and heroism of war. The movie brings to life the first major engagement of the American phase of the Vietnam War, seen through the eyes of Lieutenant Colonel Hal Moore.

The film doesn’t shy away from depicting the true cost of war, resulting in a truly heart-wrenching, yet inspiring, narrative. Showcasing bravery, self-sacrifice and the indomitable strength of the human spirit, We Were Soldiers is a landmark war film you won’t forget.

9. ‘Redeeming Love’

↑ 7 vs. Prior Week

Promotional image for history movie Redeeming LoveDelve into the world of Redeeming Love, inspired by a powerful and enduring story of love’s capacity to transform and heal. A woman named Angel, living a harrowing existence marked by heartbreak and despair during the 1850 California Gold Rush, crosses paths with the compassionate and determined farmer Michael Hosea, who is convinced that he must free her from a life of prostitution.

Throughout the film, a magnificently realized journey unfolds, revealing the transformative nature of genuine love and the redemption it brings to the most hardened hearts. This moving narrative illuminates the inexorable pull of hope, even in the grimmest corners of life.

10. ‘Brooklyn’

↑ 10 vs. Prior Week

Promotional image for history movie BrooklynExplore the profound journey of self-discovery and maturity with Brooklyn, a film that beautifully juggles the essence of two worlds. Saoirse Ronan holds your heart captive as Eilis, a young Irish immigrant navigating the tricky waters of 1950s Brooklyn.

Struck with homesickness, her life takes a twist when she falls in love with a charming Italian American man, Tony. But when a family tragedy beckons her back to her homeland and a new suitor emerges, Eilis is torn between her past and the future she’s building. Prepare to be moved by her emotionally charged decision in this deeply human tale of love, growth, and life-changing choices.

And there you have it: the top 10 historical dramas to stream at home. Stay tuned for updates to come so you can keep up with the best content available right now.

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Lincoln, The Gladiator, Apollo 13, Hidden Figures, and Dunkirk are all popular history movies.

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