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  • International sports

    worldwide coverage
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  • No one brings you more international sports than DIRECTV.

    Get top rugby and cricket matches from around the world. You’ll see the most anticipated matches as top leagues and clubs battle for global supremacy.
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  • cricket channel

    Watch top-notch cricket from around the globe.

    See your favorite batsmen and bowlers on the ultimate destination for top international cricket, Willow Cricket. Enjoy 24/7 coverage from around the world for just $14.99 a month.
    Call 1-800-378-4179 to get Willow Cricket a la carte
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  • top rugby

    Experience top rugby action.

    Whenever the top club and international rugby teams clash, we’re there to bring you all the action, including LIVE coverage of Super Rugby and The Rugby Championship!
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"Sports : International Sports : List : Fox Soccer Plus"
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  • Sports Packages

    Want sports? Text us:

    Activate any sports package with a simple text message. Just text “SPORTS” to 223-322 and follow the prompts.
  • Want the ultimate sports experience?

    With Genie, our most advanced HD DVR ever, you can choose what teams you want to follow and find their game listings all in one place.
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  • See more top questions
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