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NEW! One HD DVR can now connect
every TV in your home. Wirelessly.

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  • Endless entertainment.

    The Wireless Genie Mini lets you enjoy your entertainment anywhere in your home.1 And DIRECTV Everywhere lets you enjoy it everywhere else. Stream live TV, see the latest Hollywood blockbusters, and even watch your DVR recordings on your computer, tablet, or phone—everywhere you go.3
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  • Amazing bundles.
    Amazing savings.

    DIRECTV partners with the top phone and Internet providers around the country to give you the best bundles available. Don't settle for cable, get a better bundle with DIRECTV.
    Call 1-866-319-9838 to bundle today.
  •  Not DIRECT TV or DIRECTTV with two T's.

    There's only one company that delivers an amazing entertainment experience across your TV, computer, tablet, or phone with industry-leading customer service—and it's spelled DIRECTV. Be careful of any company that advertises the DIRECTV name with a misspelling of any sort, whether it's DIRECT TV with a space in between or DIRECTTV with two T's. 
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