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One HD DVR can now connect
every TV in your home. Wirelessly.

  • img Genie Your TV

    The freedom to move your TV anywhere.

    Inside or outside, you're finally free to move your TV anywhere, regardless of where your cable outlets are.1
  • img Genie One HDDVR

    One HD DVR.
    Multiple TVs.

    The Genie HD DVR can connect up to eight Wireless Genie Minis[?] for the ultimate entertainment experience.2
  • img Genie Record More

    Record more.
    Store more.

    Genie HD DVR records five shows at once and stores up to 200 hours of your favorite shows in crystal—clear HD.2
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  • Amazing bundles.
    Amazing savings.

    DIRECTV partners with the top phone and Internet providers around the country to give you the best bundles available. Don't settle for cable, get a better bundle with DIRECTV.
    Call 1-866-319-9838 to bundle today.
"PRHP : Reliability and Satisfaction"
  • img DTV Reliability Satisfaction

    There's only one ultimate TV experience. DIRECTV.

    DIRECTV is available across the country, so you don't have to settle for cable. We're also #1 in customer satisfaction over DISH
    and all other cable and satellite providers. Plus, with 99% worry-free signal reliability, you'll always get your entertainment.
  •  Not DIRECT TV or DIRECTTV with two T's.

    There's only one company that delivers an amazing entertainment experience across your TV, computer, tablet, or phone with industry-leading customer service—and it's spelled DIRECTV. Be careful of any company that advertises the DIRECTV name with a misspelling of any sort, whether it's DIRECT TV with a space in between or DIRECTTV with two T's. 
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