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Bundle with AT&T and maximize your DIRECTV.

  • Now that DIRECTV is part of the AT&T family, you can get High Speed Internet from AT&T starting at $15 a month for one year when you bundle with any DIRECTV package and choose combined billing. Get the internet speed you need to surf, shop, and stream your shows.
  • img DIRECTV ATT HighSpeed Bundle
    • Catch every play with NFL SUNDAY TICKET streaming on your phone and other devices
    • Enjoy our growing library of 18,000+ On Demand movies and TV shows
    • Start a show on your TV, pause it, and continue watching on your devices
    Talk to a bundle specialist today!
    Call 1-855-691-3039
"Prospect Homepage : DIRECTV and AT&T"

Introducing an exclusive entertainment value
from the DIRECTV and AT&T family.

  • Switch and get $500 in credits.

    Get DIRECTV and switch to AT&T Wireless and get $500 in credits when you buy a smartphone on AT&T NextSM and trade in a smartphone. [?]
  • Save $120 per year,
    every year.

    Save $10 a month when you add a DIRECTV Package to your AT&T Wireless service and combine them on a single bill. [?]
  • Take your movies
    and shows to go.

    The AT&T network covers more than 320 million people with wireless voice and data service. What does that mean for you? You can enjoy your entertainment virtually everywhere you go.
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  • DIRECTV, the exclusive home of NFL SUNDAY TICKET.

    img competitors busted
    There's only one clear way to watch every minute of every game, every Sunday—that's with DIRECTV. You can't get it from DISH, Verizon, or cable. So if you want the most live pro football every Sunday, switch to DIRECTV and get the 2015 season of NFL SUNDAY TICKET at no extra cost!
"Prospect Homepage : Control your Sundays"

Take control of your Sundays.

  • md NFLST more ways

    Even more ways to enjoy
    your games at home.

    With DIRECTV, you can watch your games your way on your TV. Settle in and watch up to four or eight games at once on our exclusive Mix Channels1. And with NFL SUNDAY TICKET MAX you get every scoring drive on the RED ZONE CHANNEL® and hard-hitting fantasy analysis on our exclusive FANTASY ZONETM channel1.
  • md NFLST big action

    Big action to go,
    even on small screens.

    Live stream NFL SUNDAY TICKET anywhere with NFL SUNDAY TICKET MAX. Wherever you're on the go—at work, or running errands—watching the game just got easier. Enjoy the entire 2015 season on your laptop, tablet, phone, or even on your game console or other connected devices, at no extra charge2.
"Prospect HP : Wireless Genie Features"

Watching the game just got better with our most
advanced HD DVR system ever.

  • sm genie feature1
    Watch the game, not your equipment. Say goodbye to messy cable wires and boxes with Wireless Genie Mini3.
  • sm genie feature2
    Make your whole family happy. Genie records up to five shows at once—any time, any channel. Perfect for game day.
  • sm genie feature3
    Start the game in your man cave, pause it, and pick it up anywhere else—even in your backyard3.
"Prospect Homepage : Switch to DIRECTV"
  • It's easy to see why every 9 seconds someone switches to DIRECTV4. With us, there are no startup costs or equipment to buy. Plus we offer 99% signal reliability, local channels in over 99% of the U.S., and #1 customer satisfaction over all cable and satellite providers*.
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