Paris 2024 Olympic Games.


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Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

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Explore these Olympic sports, and find information about upcoming events.

Female athlete  diving  in the pool.
Experience the world's most talented divers perform unbelievable acrobatics at The Olympics, July 27 - August 10.
Female athlete  performing gymnastics.
Catch Olympic gymnastics superstars competing live for Olympic glory, July 28 - August 5.
Athlete  swimming  in the pool.
Backstroke, Freestyle, Butterfly-watch the Olympic swimmers give it their all, July 27 - August 4.
Athletes  running.
Track & Field
Watch 300+ Olympic athletes from around the world compete in the world of Track & Field, July 26 - August 11.
Stream Olympic basketball live-see all your favorite players demonstrate power & inspiring skill on the world's court. First up: Men's team, Serbia vs USA, 7/28 at 11:15 p.m. ET. Women's team, Japan vs USA, 7/29 at 3 p.m. ET.
NEW FOR 2024. Breaking - AKA breakdancing - makes its Olympic debut at the 2024 Paris Games. This groundbreaking moment takes place August 9-10, live on NBCUniversal.
Saddle up & get ready to watch the top equestrians compete in three disciplines in Paris this summer: jumping, dressage, and eventing. Catch these Olympic equestrian events July 27 - August 6.
From the beach to the court, catch it all live on the networks of NBCUniversal on DIRECTV. It will all come down to the final matches over the weekend of August 9 - 11.

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You can catch the biggest athletic competition in the world, live from Paris, July 26 - August 11 across the NBCUniversal family of networks including NBC, USA Network (ch. 244), GOLF Channel (ch. 218), CNBC (ch. 355) & E! (ch. 236) with DIRECTV.

Availability of channels varies based on programming package.

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The 2024 Paris Paralympics

The excitement doesn't end after the Olympics closing ceremony - sports fans can get even more action by tuning into the 2024 Paris Paralympics August 28 - September 8 on NBCUniversal: USA Network (ch. 244) & CNBC (ch. 355) on DIRECTV.

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Frequently asked questions

With DIRECTV you can watch the 2024 Paris Olympics across the NBCUniversal family of networks. Catch over 1,700 hours of original programming on NBC, USA, E!, Golf Channel, and CNBC. NBC broadcast network will have over 240 hours of original programming, more than any previous Olympics.

Yes, Telemundo and Universo will have over 300 hours of original programming, featuring soccer, boxing, track & field, and more. Telemundo will air the Opening Ceremony on July 26th, marking the first in Spanish-language.

DIRECTV has a couple options to get Telemundo and Universo channels. You can purchase a Spanish/English-language TV package called ÓPTIMO MÁS™. Enjoy over 55+ channels in Spanish and 44+ channels in English. Or you can purchase an English base TV package like DIRECTV CHOICE™ package and select a Spanish add-on such as ESPAÑOL, which includes Telemundo & Universo for $15/mo. Check out DIRECTV base packages with channels & package add-ons.

The 2024 Paris Olympics begin on Wednesday July 24th with the Opening Ceremony on Friday July 26th. The Closing Ceremony is on Sunday, August 11th.

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