Bobby & Frank

They’ve got their feathers ruffled. Why? These two pigeons used to love their satellite perch. Now that you can stream DIRECTV satellite-free, they’ll have to find a new nest, or join the no-satellite flock.

No dish?
That’s just disrespectful.

Now that you can stream DIRECTV without a satellite, our pigeon pals will need to get a new place to land. They may not be thrilled right now, but once they see they can still watch their popular shows, all that chirping might just stop.

Swoop on the bright side
When Franky and Bobby see all the channels DIRECTV has to offer, they'll enjoy the new view.
No satellite. Plus your local MLB ® games*
MLB ®’s missing out on a team called The Pigeons, but Bobby & Frank will never miss out on MLB ® games with DIRECTV.
From big games to game shows, on the fly. Crispy 4K picture, Netflix next to live sports... now that's something to coo about.
Looking for the dish? There ain’t one.
Only one downside: Frank’s gonna need a new place to do his business.
Get the full TV platter, without the dish.
You’ve got regional sports, local sports, live TV, AND your favorite apps, all in one nest.*

Sauté to soufflé,

So easy you can switch from your favorite shows to your favorite chefs, faster than you can fry a squab. Sorry, Frank.


All eyes on DIRECTV

Our feathered friends have realized the best seats are a window view. Now that you can get DIRECTV without a satellite, you can watch Bobby and Frank’s pigeon picks wherever you stream TV.

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Can’t get enough of
Bobby & Frank?

Take to the skies in our exclusive Bobby & Frank game, where you can swoop through the city and discover the satellite-free world of DIRECTV.

Frequently asked questions

They're our resident DIRECTV aficionados who loved to sit on satellite dishes. Now that DIRECTV is satellite-free, they're our fun way of showing that we've moved beyond the dish, meaning they'll have to adapt too.

They were a bit ruffled at first. But finally, they see the light (or should we say, the screen). Now they're all about embracing the satellite-free life, even if it means finding new perches.

Absolutely! They've traded their satellite dish view for a front-row seat right by the window. Now they never miss a beat, or a tweet, from their favorite shows.

They've become TV connoisseurs and are enjoying a bird's-eye view of all the action that DIRECTV has to offer
—without the satellites.

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