Take streaming to a whole new level

Our exclusive DIRECTV STREAM Device brings together Live TV, streaming apps, On Demand content, and DVR recordings all in one place. Plus, voice control with our premium remote.

Separate subscription/login required for 3rd party app content.
DIRECTV STREAM device, voice remote with six apps available on TV.

So much more than a cable box

An elevated, integrated TV experience that brings together the ease of cable with the modernity of streaming. All powered with one genius remote. Try risk free for 14 days.

An all-in-one entertainment solution

Our device has features you’ll love.

Two words: Sports. Hub.
Our new sports hub lets you follow your teams, check scores without stopping the action during live games, and auto records extensions for overtime.
Premium, full-featured voice remote
Use Google Assistant to change channels, search for content, control smart home devices & more.
No smart TV? No problem
Access 7,000+ apps like Netflix and Prime Video from the Google Play store, right alongside your live TV & DVR recordings.
Make TV all about you
Curate TV your way. Customize your channel lineup, organize entertainment by genre, and bookmark your favorites.

Tech it out

Enjoy these modern features with DIRECTV STREAM.

Incredible output quality
Support for 4K content Dolby Digital 5.1 Sound
Bluetooth connectivity
Pair audio speakers, headsets & game controllers.
Take Cloud DVR Recordings to-go
Your library on-the-go with the DIRECTV App
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Integration with Apple TV
Single sign-on to DIRECTV STREAM with Apple TV and iOS devices.

So many ways to watch – use your own device or try the app

Our DIRECTV App is available for watching at home, using your smart TVs or other streaming devices. Or, watch on-the-go with our mobile app.

See compatible devices
DIRECTV STREAM compatible devices with Google Play & Apple Store.DIRECTV STREAM compatible devices with Google Play & Apple Store.DIRECTV STREAM compatible devices with Google Play & Apple Store.
TV screen with hockey players and DIRECTV STREAM categories in My Library.

Unlimited Cloud DVR storage included

Record shows, games, and more with unlimited Cloud DVR. Access your recordings from any device!

Entertainment package, 65+ channels, $69.99 per month plus tax

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Frequently asked questions

You can download the DIRECTV app onto many compatible smartphones and tablets, as well as TV streaming devices such as Roku, Amazon Fire TV Stick, Apple TV, Chromecast, Goolge TV and other Android TV OS devices. You can also use the Chrome or Safari browser to access DIRECTV STREAM at

All you need to get started is high speed internet. We recommend a minimum internet speed of 24Mbps for optimal viewing.

Yes, you can take it with you! Moving your TV streaming device to a new location doesn’t automatically change your “home” designation. You’d need to update your billing address in your account to make this change. Learn more about updating your billing address.

Streaming TV is a generic term for watching television streamed over an internet or wireless data connection. DIRECTV STREAM℠ offers customers packages that deliver the best of Live TV and On Demand, streamed in three ways:

1) With our exclusive DIRECTV STREAM Device (sold separately), or similar streaming TV devices from Apple, Roku, Google, Amazon & Samsung, allowing you to stream directly to your TV. See compatible devices.
2) Streamed on a mobile phone or tablet with the DIRECTV App 
3) Watch online on DIRECTV STREAM℠ with MS Edge, Chrome or Safari web browsers.

DIRECTV STREAM offers access to thousands more apps than national cable TV providers. Requires DIRECTV STREAM Device (sold separately.) Separate subscription/login required for 3rd party app content. Google login required.

Cable TV providers do not offer unlimited Cloud DVR recordings. Get access to more storage space than cable TV providers when you sign up for any DIRECTV STREAM package.

Online only. New DIRECTV STREAM customers only. Offer not available to DIRECTV and U-verse customer switching to DIRECTV STREAM. Data connection req’d. Recordings expire after 9 months. In a series recording, max 30 episodes stored (oldest deleted first which may be in less than 9 months). Restrictions apply.