Access Every NFL Game with DIRECTV Sports Central

Access Every NFL Game with DIRECTV Sports Central

On Sunday, or any other day, it can be complicated switching between inputs and apps, or scrolling through channels to find your game before kickoff. When you have a DIRECTV Gemini, you can access all your NFL games on one device, without switching inputs.* Explore the options that keep NFL fans in the game and how to get it for yourself below.

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How to Watch NFL Games with DIRECTV Sports Central

DIRECTV delivers the full fan experience by bringing together games from DIRECTV’s lineup alongside access to content from third party apps. New and current DIRECTV customers can setup a Gemini device over an internet connection to use DIRECTV Sports Central and gain access all the NFL games .

So, whether you’re looking for the Thursday Night Game on Amazon, all your Sunday afternoon games from NFL Sunday Ticket on YouTube, Monday Night Football on ABC or ESPN+, DIRECTV can help bring access to all the games together on a single device. The best part is after you sign up for your subscriptions to your selected platforms, you can choose what you want to watch all in the DIRECTV experience.

How Does it Work?

After you’ve connected your DIRECTV Gemini to the internet use the DIRECTV Sports Central experience to see the full schedule of games. You can also use the NFL League page from the menu or guide. For games not in DIRECTV’s lineup, simply click on the game you want to watch, and if you’ve signed up for and logged into the third-party subscription service, you’ll be immediately redirected to the app to watch the game – in most cases.

Get Started

It only takes three easy steps for DIRECTV customers to take advantage of DIRECTV Sports Central.

  1. Connect and login to your DIRECTV Gemini device (available to all DIRECTV customers with or without a satellite dish)
  2. Sign up for the streaming app you want on their website (you may have to login on a computer or smartphone to get set up.)
  3. Download and login to your apps on the Gemini, including ESPN+, Peacock, Prime Video, YouTube and more, many of which are already preloaded on your device today.

Now you’re all set to start watching! Select the game you want to watch, and access it directly from your device.

  • DIRECTV customers connecting over the internet can click on the NFL page for direct access to live games with one click, plus view the schedule, set recordings and more so you can catch all the action.
  • DIRECTV customers connecting over a satellite can visit channel 700.

Explore all the things you can do with DIRECTV Sports Central

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But What About NFL Sunday Ticket?

YouTube now owns the rights to NFL Sunday Ticket for consumers, but the platform is available to anyone in the U.S. with or without YouTube TV, which means that DIRECTV customers can enjoy all DIRECTV has to offer and still access NFL Sunday Ticket a la carte.

NFL Sunday Ticket through DIRECTV FOR BUSINESS

In June, DIRECTV for BUSINESS announced a multi-year agreement with EverPass Media to continue to be a provider of NFL Sunday Ticket for commercial locations nationwide. That means that hundreds of thousands of sports bars, restaurants and other venues across the country will have access to NFL Sunday Ticket alongside many other games including Thursday Night Football via Prime Video.

Find a sports bar near you with the DIRECTV Sports Bar Finder App.

NFL SUNDAY TICKET in Puerto Rico and U.S. Virgin Islands

DIRECTV Puerto Rico continues to be the exclusive provider of NFL Sunday Ticket to its residential satellite customers across Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Bars, restaurants, lounges and other venues will also have access to NFL Sunday Ticket through DIRECTV for BUSINESS. Learn more about this recent agreement.

Football Without Compromise

Continuing a 30-year legacy of a leader in sports, when you watch football on DIRECTV, you’ll get the full fan experience. With networks like NFL RedZone and NFL Network available with Sports Pack (alongside a ton of other great channels), access to apps like ESPN+, Prime Video, and YouTube, DIRECTV subscribers with an internet-connected Gemini device truly can watch every NFL game, all in one place.* Now, that’s entertainment without compromise.

*Req’s separate paid subscription for third party apps and high-speed internet connected Gemini device. DIRECTV Sports Pack or CHOICE pkg or higher required for games on NFL Network. Local stations/games in some markets may be unavailable due to channel dispute, more info at

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Add’l subscriptions beyond DIRECTV subscription req’d to watch every pro football game. Req’s CHOICE pkg and high-speed internet-connected Gemini device. Restr’s apply. Local stations/games in some markets may be unavailable due to channel disputes, more info at

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Watch NFL Sunday Ticket

NFL Sunday Ticket is available on YouTube, and DIRECTV customers can subscribe ala carte alongside their existing service. Get NFL Sunday Ticket from YouTube on us with a $400 gift card. Learn more:

Who has NFL Sunday Ticket?

NFL Sunday Ticket is available on YouTube, but DIRECTV customers can access alongside their service and watch through their Gemini device. Learn more here:

What is NFL Sunday Ticket?

NFL Sunday Ticket is a premium service providing out-of-market NFL games to subscribers.

How much is NFL Sunday Ticket?

NFL Sunday Ticket is priced between $300-400. New DIRECTV customers can get a $400 Visa gift card to offset this cost. Learn more: