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    DIRECTV Protection Plan Premier customers can use the Solution Hub to file or check the status of a claim, or to register a device to their plan.
    *Sign in to your account to file a claim or register a device online.
    Access now
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  • How will you protect your
    memorable moments?

    It's not just about your favorite shows and movies, but what they bring to your life. Millions of DIRECTV customers choose to protect their viewing experiences with one of our plans. There are plans for your DIRECTV system, your eligible viewing devices, and even a plan for Accidental Damage from Handling (ADH) for your eligible laptops and tablets.

    If you’re already protected, call 800.531.5000 to file a claim.

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Choose the Protection Plan that’s right for you*

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  • DIRECTV Protection Plan

    Protection Plan
    $8.99 per month
    Protection for your DIRECTV system plus eligibility for latest receiver upgrade every 2 years.
  • Benefits

    • Equipment
      Protection from unexpected repair costs of your DIRECTV System, including accidental damage from handling and power surge failure.
    • Home wiring
      Protection from unexpected repair costs of wiring, jacks, and cable outlets used inside your home to deliver AT&T services - Phone, TV, and Internet.
      Included only for customers who are enrolled in high-speed Internet services from AT&T.
    • Shipping
      Coverage for shipping and handling costs of receivers replaced by DIRECTV.
    • Repairs
      No additional cost for service calls for your DIRECTV System or repairs to your covered inside home wiring.
    • Upgrades1
      Eligible for a DIRECTV receiver upgrade every two years.

    Protection for your DIRECTV system:

    • Shipping for receiver replacement
    • Remote controls
    • Switchers, connectors, wiring
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  • DIRECTV Protection Plan Premier

    Protection Plan Premier
    $20.99 per month
    All the great benefits of the DIRECTV Protection Plan, plus protection for your eligible entertainment viewing devices.
  • Premier Benefits

    All DIRECTV Protection Plan benefits plus:

    • More equipment coverage
      Protects an unlimited number of your current and future eligible viewing devices.
    • More repairs:
      Protection from unexpected repair costs of your eligible devices.
    • Want more protection for your laptops and tablets?
      For just $4.99 more a month, safeguard your laptops and tablets against accidental damage such as drops, spills, and cracked screens. Select PREMIER with Accidental Damage from Handling (ADH) for $25.98/mo. ^

    Protection for all your favorite entertainment viewing devices*

    • TVs: LCD, LED, and plasma
    • Computers: desktops, laptops, and tablets
    • Original remote controls and 3D glasses
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