What Is TV Over Internet & Who Is It Right For?

What Is TV Over Internet & Who Is It Right For?

TV today takes on a whole new meaning than it did 20 years ago. Gone are the days of always choosing traditional cable TV with limited options and high prices. With the rise in internet technology and online devices, you can now take TV with you wherever you go.  

Access to internet TV offers a whole new world of entertainment possibilities. Instead of connecting via satellite or cable, you can tune in straight from your internet connection. Whether you’re a cord cutter or not, the one cord we’re not cutting is our internet. And, you can’t deny that internet TV gives you more options with more flexibility.

We know you have a lot of choices when it comes to home entertainment. But don’t worry — we’re going to break down DIRECTV’s TV over internet service so you can decide if it’s the right upgrade for you. 

What Is TV Over Internet?

TV over internet is a service you can get to watch live TV using your internet connection instead of a satellite receiver or cable box. It makes it easy to watch the most popular channels without worrying about professional installation or cable infrastructure. With TV over the internet, you can watch your favorite shows On Demand, pause and rewind live TV and more. 

Instead of streaming from a limited library, choosing TV over internet offers a comprehensive entertainment package. You won’t need to worry about managing multiple streaming subscriptions or missing out on live TV — when you choose DIRECTV via internet, you get it all. 

Every DIRECTV package includes local channels based on your ZIP code, so you won’t miss the important information like public events or local news near you. We also offer your favorite channels, such as: 

Whether you want to watch your favorite teams, laugh a little or learn something, you can find the content you want with our base packages or add-ons. The choice is yours with internet TV.  

How to Watch TV With Internet

The first thing you’ll need to do is choose your internet TV provider and your preferred package (like DIRECTV). DIRECTV’s TV over internet service lets you connect whenever you want on one or multiple devices after you create an account. And, you’ll get to watch live TV or On Demand content, which gives it a huge leg up over simple streaming services that have more restricted TV libraries.  

Next, make sure you have all the necessary equipment. Don’t worry, though — this part’s easy. For internet TV, all you need is high-speed internet, a TV (or another favorite screen) and our Gemini air device

The last step is also really simple (did you know it could be this easy?). You’ll sign into your DIRECTV account with your user ID and password on the streaming device, finish a few more setup steps and voila — turn on the device to immediately access thousands of the latest and greatest shows, hottest movies and most-watched sports. 

Internet TV Options

DIRECTV is all about giving you TV without compromise. Enjoy our premium features and benefits, no matter which package you choose.  

We offer four flavors of excellent internet TV content based on what you want to watch and your budget: 

  • ENTERTAINMENT: $69.99/month for 75+ channels and optional add-ons for more sports or premium channels 
  • CHOICE™: $84.99/month for 105+ channels, regional sports networks and optional add-ons for more sports or premium channels 
  • ULTIMATE: $114.99/month for 140+ channels, regional sports networks and optional add-ons for more sports or premium channels 
  • PREMIER: $159.99/month for 150+ channels, regional sports networks, premium channels (like HBO / Max™, Paramount+ with SHOWTIME®, STARZ® and Cinemax®) and optional add-ons for more sports channels 

Each package comes with unlimited device streaming on your home internet network — start a movie in the kitchen and finish it in the living room. And, with unlimited Cloud DVR storage, you can save shows and movies to watch when you’re ready, so you never miss a thing. 

Talk about freedom to watch your own way. 

CHP 2_Infographic.png

TV Over Internet Benefits

There are many benefits to choosing DIRECTV TV connected over an internet plan, including the fact that you can watch all your favorite live TV channels, including regional sports.  

The biggest benefits you’ll experience when you connect to DIRECTV TV over internet are: 

  • No satellite dish required 
  • Quick and easy self-installation 
  • Access to On Demand, live TV and pay-per-view (PPV) content 
  • Unmatched video quality (with Dolby Vision and HDR10+ capabilities) 
  • Access to 7,000+ apps from the Google Play store (with essential apps preloaded)  
  • More viewing personalization options 
  • Unlimited Cloud DVR storage  
  • Interactive guide with visual previews 
  • Voice-controlled, premium remote with Google Assistant 
  • Ongoing support for troubleshooting or replacement under warranty 

Not to brag, but we’re also the leader in sports entertainment and reliability, so you can always catch your favorite live games at home or on the go. With more of the TV you want, you’ll get a lot of bang for your buck with internet TV.  

TV Over Internet Drawbacks

Like every other TV service out there, TV over internet has its drawbacks. Although the advantages of this service are pretty great, you should know the downsides before making a decision. 

The main drawback is that TV over internet requires a reliable high-speed internet connection. The video or sound content won’t play as smoothly as it should if you don’t have a strong internet connection.  

Test your internet connection to make sure it’s reliable enough to avoid lagging, buffering or hitching. We suggest a minimum speed of 24 Mbps to ensure the highest quality viewing experience. 

Another thing to consider is the cost of your TV over internet package. TV over internet is more expensive than basic streaming subscriptions because it includes a much broader selection of shows and live TV. If you’re someone who doesn’t really care that much about their live TV options, or who wants to drastically reduce their entertainment costs, TV over internet may not be for you. 

Choosing Internet TV

Some call internet TV the future of television, while others say it’s just the beginning of what’s to come in home entertainment. Either way, based on other options available today, like satellite or cable, TV over internet offers a lot of benefits you won’t find elsewhere. 

Any TV program you want could be at your fingertips. A high-speed internet connection and TV over internet subscription are all you need to press play on your favorite shows.  

It’s time to say goodbye to channel surfing and hello to TV bliss.   

At DIRECTV, our TV over internet service gives you control over how you connect and watch your favorite teams, movies and shows. You don’t have to just stick with what traditional streaming platforms have in their libraries. No matter what type of content you enjoy, access to both On Demand and live TV is a huge bonus. And, with our premium or sports channel add-ons, you’ll never miss a thing. 

Who is TV over internet for? This option is perfect for renters or anyone who cannot connect to TV with satellite. But also, anyone who wants a customizable, easy-to-use TV service with thousands of titles to choose from at a moment’s notice.

Check out internet TV packages from DIRECTV, and start watching today! 

How to Select the Perfect TV Provider

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