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    Entertainment is
    just the beginning.
    Now DIRECTV includes more than just your favorite movies and shows.
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  1. { "url": "https://cdns.directv.com/content/dam/dtv/directv_marketing/packages/overview/hdr_Packages_0329.jpg", "delayInterval": 0, "reportingModuleName": "Programming : Index : Slideshow : Header", "reportingElementId": "9800049", "reportingElementName": "Programming : Index : Slide : Header" } $('header_slide_overlay').wrap('a', { 'href': 'https://www.att.com/shop/u-verse/referrals.html?filter_id=1400012&destination_page=OFP&product_suite=DTV&referral_app_id=dtv.com&source=EDRD0lATB0000000L' }); <a class="js_rollover" title="offer-deets" id="legal_rollover">Offer Details</a> <div class="dtv-rollover-tup" style="display: none;" id="offer-deets"> <div class="dtv-rollover"> <span class="dtv-rollover-content"> <p style="width:400px;"><span style="text-decoration: underline;"><strong>1-YR ALL INCLUDED PACKAGE PRICE</strong></span><strong>: Offer extended to 5/20/17.</strong>Available only in the U.S. (excludes PR and U.S.V.I.) Price includes TV Pkg, monthly fees for a Genie HD DVR + three (3) add&rsquo;l receivers, and standard prof&rsquo;l installation in up to four rooms.Custom installation extra. After 12 mos.or loss of eligibility, then prevailing rate for TV package applies(currently $90/mo for SELECT All Included; $101/mo for ENTERTAINMENT All Included; $115/mo for CHOICE All Included;$124/mo for XTRA All Included; $131/mo for ULTIMATE All Included; $187/mo for PREMIER All Included), unless cancelled or changed by customer prior to end of the promotionalperiod.<strong>Exclusions:</strong> Price does not include taxes, $19.95 handling &amp; delivery fee, Regional Sports fee of up to $7.29/mo. assessed with CHOICE and/or M&Aacute;S ULTRA Pkg and above, applicable use tax expense surcharge on retail value of installation, equipment upgrades/add-ons, and certain other add&rsquo;l fees &amp; chrgs.Some offers may not be available through all channels and in select areas.</p> <p style="width:400px;"><span style="text-decoration: underline;"><strong>DIRECTV SVC TERMS</strong></span><strong>:</strong> <strong>Subject to Equipment Lease &amp; Customer Agreements.</strong> Must maintain a min. base TV pkg of $29.99/mo. Programming, pricing, terms and conditions subject to change at any time. Visit <a href="http://directv.com/legal">directv.com/legal</a> or call for details.</p> <p style="width:400px;"><strong>$100 Reward Card</strong> for purchase of <strong>DIRECTV SELECT and above; </strong><strong>&Oacute;</strong><strong>PTIMO M&Aacute;S; PREFERRED CHOICE and above</strong>. For new residential customers. <strong>Reward Card:</strong> Will be sent letter with redemption requirements. Redemption req&rsquo;d. w/in 75 days from reward notification mail date. Reward Card delivered within 3-4 weeks after redemption to customers who maintain qualifying service from installation date and through reward fulfillment. Card expires at month-end 6 mos after issuance. No cash access. For cardholder agreement, go to <a href="rewardcenter.att.com/myreward/agreementFSV.pdf">rewardcenter.att.com/myreward/agreementFSV.pdf</a>. AT&amp;T Reward Card issued by U.S. Bank National Association, pursuant to license from Visa U.S.A. Inc. May not be combined with other promotional offers on same services. <strong>Offer ends 3/31/17.</strong> </p> </div> </div>
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  • All-included packages. Zero hassles.

    Our new All-Included DIRECTV package prices include monthly equipment fees for up to 4 rooms and the HD DVR monthly service fee. It's a simpler way to enjoy DIRECTV and all your favorite movies and shows. 
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Which DIRECTV package is right for you?

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