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    All the sports
    you crave.
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  • 24/7 sports, analysis, and action with DIRECTV® SPORTS PACK.

    Only DIRECTV gives you access to over 40 regional and specialty sports networks^, so you can scratch your sports itch, whatever the game, whatever the season.
$13.99 per month
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  • Regional sports networks

    Don’t miss a minute of game time with the Sports Pack’s regional sports networks, bringing you coverage of your favorite pro and college teams from around the country. Plus, get whip-around coverage of every college upset and wild finish on ESPN’s Goal Line and Bases Loaded channels—all included in the DIRECTV Sports Pack.
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    College sports fans, look no further.

    No matter the season, tune in to get your college sports fix. ESPN Goal Line channel brings you college football drama from every conference, and ESPN Bases Loaded presents the ultimate NCAA Baseball Championship viewing experience, . If that’s not enough NCAA excitement, ESPN College Extra immerses you in up to eight out-of-market college football and basketball games a week (Chs. 788–798).
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  • DirecTV Sports Pack
"Sports : Sports Pack : List : Specialty Sports"
  • International soccer

    DIRECTV® SPORTS PACK offers networks dedicated to all things soccer, including Univision Deportes. See the best soccer leagues from around the world, plus pre- and post-game commentary and analysis.
  • Specialty sports

    Are you an outdoor enthusiast or a sports history fanatic? No matter what sports you’re into, DIRECTV® SPORTS PACK has you covered with ESPN Classic, Outdoor Channel, and TVG.
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  • Sports Packages

    Want sports? Text or call us:

    Activate NBA LEAGUE PASS with a simple text message.
    Just text "NBA" to 223-322 and follow the prompts.
    Or call 1.800.GET SPORTS
  • Want the ultimate sports experience?

    With GenieTM, our most advanced HD DVR ever, you can choose what teams you want to follow and find their game listings all in one place. Not to mention watch your games in crystal-clear HD where available.
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