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Playboy TV
Free for 3 months, and will be billed $15.99/mo. thereafter
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    WARNING: These adult channels contain explicit content, complete nudity and graphic adult situations.
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  • Subscribe to the ONLY premium channel that offers completely uncensored entertainment for adults.

    Enjoy sexy reality series, uncensored comedy, shows for couples, and adult movies. Available by subscription or PPV, plus On Demand1. DIRECTV has it all.
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  • Playboy TV three hot channels

    Three hot channels,
    one incredible package.

    Your Playboy TV subscription includes a variety of premium entertainment for adults on three hot channels. Experience Playboy TV HD, Playboy TV 2, Playboy TV en Español, and Playboy TV On Demand1—in one incredible package, for one low price.
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  • 7184-DTVcom-PBTV-OnDemand

    PlayBoy On Demand
    Enjoy the best in Premium Entertainment for Adults On Demand.

    Get the adult entertainment you want, precisely when you want it. With your Playboy TV subscription you can browse our full library of Playboy TV On Demand1 movies and shows. That includes the best entertainment from all three Playboy TV channels.
"Premiums : Playboy : List : Original Series"
  • Playboy original series.

    Experience the Playboy Lifestyle like never before in World of Playboy! Get an exclusive look at the sexiest, most beautiful models from the U.S. and around the world in Playboy Centerfolds. Tag along with couples on exotic, erotic vacations in Sexcape, and explore fantasy, fetish and everything in between in Undercover. Playboy TV delivers all the steamy action—for guys and couples.
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"Premiums : Playboy : List : Latest movies"
  • Playboy TV latest movies

    Watch the freshest movies and stars.

    Playboy TV’s extensive adult library is updated every month. Enjoy the latest movies and shows from the world's hottest brand, featuring the sexiest stars in up-to-the-minute titles.
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