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    Turn up
    the heat
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    WARNING: These adult channels contain explicit content, complete nudity and graphic adult situations.
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  • DIRECTV is your source for the
    best adult entertainment

    Experience an incredible variety of sizzling adult movies, original shows, and reality series from
    the best-known brands in the industry—available by subscription or on an hourly basis, as well as On Demand^. DIRECTV is your ultimate hot spot for the best in adult entertainment.
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    The sexiest entertainment on TV

    Subscribe to the ONLY premium channel that offers completely uncensored entertainment for adults. Your Playboy TV subscription includes Playboy TV HD, Playboy TV 2, Playboy TV en Español, and Playboy TV On Demand^. All in one incredible package, for one low price.
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    • Channel 598

      Get your fix of celebrity sex tapes, sexy superhero parodies, real swingers, and the world famous Vivid Girls all the time.
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    • Channel 595

      See hot models, eager amateurs, and the world-famous Penthouse Pets get dirty in unedited adult action.
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    • Channel 599

      Get the edgy, high-caliber erotica you crave. See uncensored adult films starring the world’s most exotic and beautiful women.
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    • Channel 597

      The world’s largest adult online brand is now available on your TV! See adult superstars, parodies, and even bigger fantasies.
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  • Get an Adult
    All-Access Pass

    Take your pick of 6 steamy channels that push the limits of adult entertainment. Order a three-hour block of all 6 channels for $14.99.
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    Enjoy adult entertainment
    On Demand

    Get the adult entertainment you want whenever you want. Just tune to ch. 1584 to see our full library of Adult On Demand^ content. You can also find on-demand^ listings for individual adult channels on chs. 1576, 1594, 1595, 1596, 1597, 1598, and 1599. To access on-demand content, you'll need an HD DVR connected to the internet. Learn more about connecting
    your HD DVR to the Internet
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