Top Nature TV Shows to Watch Right Now

Top Nature TV Shows to Watch Right Now

Nature documentaries and TV shows give us the wonders of the outside world without us even having to move from the sofa. It doesn’t get better than that! And with this list of the top nature shows and documentaries to watch right now, you have the entire world at your fingertips!

Keep an eye on this list as it is updated with the latest and greatest nature shows so you can be sure you’re in the loop. From Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom Protecting the Wild to Aerial America, this list will help outdoor lovers stay up to date on the most popular nature shows available.


Let’s get started. Here are the trending nature shows that TV-watchers are enjoying right now, with all the information you need to check them out for yourself.

1. ‘Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom Protecting the Wild’

↑ 1 vs. Prior Week

'Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom Protecting the Wild' promo image

Step into the adventurous world of Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom: Protecting the Wild. Join hosts Peter Gros and Dr. Rae Wynn-Gant as they delve into the thrilling realm of wild animals and their habitats. With a keen eye and fearless spirit, the duo immerses viewers into the lives of endangered animals, revealing their struggles and triumphs in the vast ecosystems they inhabit.

This spellbinding series not only presents the breathtaking beauty and diversity of wildlife but also emphasizes the importance of wildlife conservation. Witness the captivating stories of survival from the world’s most untamed corners on Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom: Protecting the Wild.

2. ‘Nature’

↑ 2 vs. Prior Week

'Nature' tv show promo imageNature is a breathtaking journey into the wilderness where audiences bear witness to amazing wildlife spectacles. It gives you a sneak peek into the hidden life of incredible creatures, as the series elegantly choreographs the vital dance between biodiversity and the delicate balance of ecosystems.

Understand how each organism, no matter how small, plays its part in the tapestry of life. Prepare to have your eyes opened and curiosity piqued as you delve into the magical intricacies of the natural world with this gripping, must-watch nature documentary series.

3. ‘Expedition Deep Ocean’

↑ 22 vs. Prior Week

'Expedition Deep Ocean' tv show promo imageExplore the unexplored depths of the planet’s oceans with the brave explorers in Expedition Deep Ocean. This series embarks upon one of the most daring marine adventures ever, led by the ambitious explorer Victor Vescovo. The series chronicles the breathtaking journey of a lifetime as Vescovo and his team undertake a bold scientific mission to map out and visit the world’s five deepest places.

Witness thrilling deep-sea dives, vivid undersea creatures, terrifying circumstances and incredible scientific discoveries in this unprecedented exploration of the unseen thread of life that stitches together our planet.

4. ‘Drain the Oceans’

↑ 1 vs. Prior Week

'Drain the Ocean' tv show promo imageCome dive into the incredible world of Drain the Oceans, a fascinating documentary series that explores the mysteries of the deep. Maritime archaeologists, historians and CGI professionals magically ‘drain’ the world’s vast seas, revealing shipwrecks, lost cities and ancient mysteries that have been hidden for centuries beneath the ocean waves.

Watch as each episode unlocks the secrets of history and the earth’s geological past, revealing a startling, underwater landscape with mountains, volcanoes and even rivers. Join this immersive underwater journey through time and witness the world’s extraordinary submerged treasures right in your living room.

5. ‘The Earth Unlocked’

↑ 2 vs. Prior Week

'The Earth Unlocked' promo imageDive into the mysteries of our planet with The Earth Unlocked. This compelling nature show invites you to join a team of renowned experts as they unravel the secrets behind the world’s greatest wonders. From the majesty of the Great Pyramids to the intricate workings of the Amazon rainforest, nothing is off-limits for our fearless explorers.

Their groundbreaking research and surprising discoveries will leave you in awe of the earth’s incredible complexities. Tune into The Earth Unlocked and prepare yourself for an epic journey that will forever change how you see our extraordinary world.

6. ‘Weird Earth’

↔ vs. Prior Week

'Weird Earth' tv show promo imageUncover the bizarre phenomena of our planet on Weird Earth. This eye-opening nature series features astonishing natural occurrences and mysterious happenings from around the globe, brought to life with stunning visual effects. Narrated by the engaging William Shatner, the show transports you to the most extraordinary corners of our world, revealing strange and unexplained wonders in each episode.

Whether it’s raining frogs, ice circles in rivers or ghost rainbows, Weird Earth peels back the layers to illuminate the uncanny side of Mother Nature. Discover the planet’s weirdest marvels and deepen your understanding of Earth’s peculiarities on this captivating journey.

7. ‘Timber Titans’

↑ 5 vs. Prior Week

'Timber Titans' promo imageStep into the world of high stakes logging with Timber Titans, an engrossing nature-based reality show exploring the demanding industry of tree cutting. Follow the hardworking teams of loggers as they navigate treacherous terrains at relentless speed to meet tight deadlines in earning their livelihood. After seeing this show, your understanding of the lumber industry will never be the same, and you’ll find a newfound appreciation for the heroes who risk their lives tackling monstrous trees.

8. ‘Xploration Nature Knows Best’

↔ vs. Prior Week

'Xploration Nature Knows Best' tv show promo imageDiscover the fascinating intersections of technology and nature in Xploration Nature Knows Best. Hosted by the charismatic marine biologist Danni Washington, each episode dives into how innovations in design and technology are often based on principles we see in nature. From exploring how termites inspired a building design, to understanding how a certain tree’s process of photosynthesis led to a novel solar panel, you’ll never look at nature the same way again. Tune in every week to be astounded by how much we can learn from the natural world around us.

9. ‘Aerial America’

↓ 9 vs. Prior Week

'Aerial America' promo imageEmbark on a breathtaking bird’s eye journey across the United States with Aerial America. This compelling documentary series takes you to new heights, giving a sky-high perspective of America’s most iconic landmarks and hidden gems.

Each episode showcases the beauty and diversity of the different states, from sweeping landscapes to bustling cities. As you uncover the remarkable history and unique stories of each region from above, Aerial America deepens your appreciation for the splendor and diversity of the U.S. in a way like no other.

And there you have it: the top nature shows to stream at home. Stay tuned for updates to come so you can keep up with the best content available right now.

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