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  • Amazing tablet and phone apps to entertain you anywhere.

    Feast on a cornucopia of your favorite shows and movies with the DIRECTV Apps for your tablet and phone. And experience football like never before with the NFL SUNDAY TICKET App. With DIRECTV, you never have to leave your entertainment behind.
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"Marketing : Equipment : Mobile Apps Overview : List : DirectTV Tablet App"
  • Directv Tablet App All the TV you love at your fingertips.

    Watch live TV, the hottest shows and movies On Demand, your DVR playlist—it's all just a tap away*. You can even set your DVR from anywhere, discover new shows, control your TV and more. The DIRECTV app turns your tablet into an entertainment powerhouse.
"Marketing : Equipment : Mobile Apps Overview : List : DirectTV Phone App"
  • DirecTV Phone App Take your shows on the road.

    Wherever life takes you, you never have to be without the entertainment you can’t live without. With the DIRECTV app on your phone, your favorite movies and shows are all right there in your pocket, ready to entertain whenever and wherever the mood strikes you. You can even search for shows using just your voice.
"Marketing : Equipment : Mobile Apps Overview : List : NFL Sunday Ticket App"
  • NFL Sunday Ticket App Games, stats, and fantasy to go.

    The NFL SUNDAY TICKET App turns you into a gridiron guru. With your subscription to NFL SUNDAY TICKET MAX, you can watch games live on your tablet or phone, track your fantasy league and favorite players, get up-to-the-minute highlights, even put games on your TV with a simple swipe.
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