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  • DirecTVDownload the DIRECTV app now.
    Enjoy your entertainment anywhere.

    With the FREE DIRECTV app you can stream your favorite TV channels or choose from tons of the best movies and shows to watch On Demand. Even watch the shows recorded to your DVR.1

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  • Stream live or On Demand. You're in control.

    img Stream or Demand
  • Stream shows as they air.

    Whether you're sitting on your couch or a park bench, you can enjoy the TV channels you love right on your phone or tablet. Live stream tons of top channels like USA, Food Network, and TNT.2
  • Watch on your own schedule.

    Catch up on your favorite shows with DIRECTV On Demand or watch the hottest Hollywood hits with DIRECTV CINEMA®, many titles available almost a month before Netflix®.3
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DIRECTV app features

  • icon live streaming

    Live TV Streaming

    Stream live TV on your tablet or phone.
    Content/channels/functionality varies. Data charges may apply.
  • icon rewind

    72 hour Rewind

    Watch shows that aired in the last 3 days.
    Available on select channels.
  • icon restart


    Select the restart icon to start your show over.
    Available on select channels. Show must be airing for 2 minutes for Restart to work.
  • icon remote control

    Remote Control4

    Pause, rewind, or fast forward recorded shows.
  • icon recently watched

    Recently Watched

    Watch DIRECTV On Demand titles on one device, pause, and continue on another.
    Available on select channels.
  • icon smart search

    Smart Search

    Search by actor, director, title and more. Access full cast & crew info.
  • icon parental control

    Parental Controls

    Block channels, set rating limits for movies and shows, and hide adult content.
  • icon screen switch

    Screen Switch5

    Instantly move shows from your mobile device to your TV.
  • icon dvr scheduler

    DVR Scheduler6

    Use your mobile device to schedule a recording on the go.
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Download the DIRECTV App today!

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