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    See what your
    flatscreen can
    really do
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  • If you love HD,
    you need DIRECTV.

    With more full-time HD channels than DISH, DIRECTV gives you more reasons to love your beautiful flatscreen than anyone. You haven't experienced TV entertainment until you've experienced it with DIRECTV HD.
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  • services hd tv
"Marketing : Equipment : HD Services : List : The Most in HD"
  • Your channels
    in full-time HD.

    With over 195 full-time HD channels,1 DIRECTV gives you that many more reasons to love watching your beautiful flatscreen.
  • The best sports
    experience on TV.

    Whatever your sport, you know there's only one way to fully experience its energy and excitement: in HD. DIRECTV delivers all your favorite sports in HD.
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  • services hd bluray

    The same format as Blu-ray

    DIRECTV offers the most movies in 1080p HD, the same format as Blu-ray2. You'll feel like you're at the theater in the comfort of your living room.
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    Local Channels in HD.

    Enjoy everything from your local news and the hottest primetime shows in HD.1 DIRECTV offers the local ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox affiliates and other local channels in HD in over 98% of U.S homes.
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