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DIRECTV - Troubleshooting - Pay Per View

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Troubleshooting - Pay Per View Problem
You cannot complete your order and you see this message on your screen: "For ordering information, please call customer service, ext. 733."

Possible causes

  • Your DIRECTV® Receiver is not connected to a phone line.
  • A phone line is connected, but the receiver is prevented from calling back by a phone line accessory, by incompatibility between the line and your receiver settings, by the settings of your Internet phone service (like Vonage) or by a faulty modem in your receiver.


  • Connect your DIRECTV Receiver to a phone line if it’s not already connected.
  • If a phone line is connected, check for damage and replace if necessary. Reconnect the line, making sure each end securely snaps in place.
  • If you’re using wireless phone jacks, reset them.
  • If you’re using accessories that could have a defect (such as phone line splitters) remove them and plug the phone line directly into the wall.
  • Test the phone jack (in the wall) by temporarily disconnecting your receiver’s line and plugging in a regular phone. If you don’t hear a dial tone, the problem is with your wall jack.
  • If you have an Internet phone service provider like Vonage, you may be experiencing difficulties with that service. Contact your Internet phone service provider to walk through steps of how to adjust your settings to allow modem–based devices to work in your home.
  • Reset the receiver by turning it off and unplugging it for 15 seconds.

To verify these steps fixed the phone connection, run a receiver system test using your remote control. Make sure no one is using the phone line, then press the menu button and look under "setup" or a similar heading. (Your system manual has more information.) If the "phone test" is okay, the ext. 733 message should clear.

More help
If the problem persists, you can order Pay Per View online or call customer service at 1–800–531–5000.

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