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"WIDTV : Viggle : Intro"
"WIDTV : Viggle : Instructions"

How Viggle works

  • 1. Download Viggle

    Download the FREE Viggle app to your iPad, iPhone, iPod touch from the
    App Store, or to your Android device from Google Play.

  • 2. Enter DIRECTV promo code

    Select DIRECTV as your TV provider when you sign in. Enter promotional code "DIRECTV" to score 5,000 bonus Viggle points, available only to DIRECTV customers.

  • 3. Check in and get points

    "Check in" using the Viggle app when you're watching your favorite shows, You get points for every show you watch. As a DIRECTV customer, you can score even more points when you check in to select DIRECTV bonus point shows. Click on the "What's On" tab in Viggle to find eligible shows.

  • 4. Get rewards

    Redeem your points for movie tickets, gift cards, subscriptions, electronics, and more.
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"WIDTV : Viggle : Fun Extras : Right"

Fun Extras

  • Viggle Live
    Score even more points with Viggle LIVE, where you can engage in trivia, polls, and more, all related to the shows you're currently watching.
  • IMDB
    Learn more about the shows you're watching by tapping into Wikipedia and IMDB.
  • img Bonus Discounts
    Shop for merchandise from your favorite shows and get Viggle-exclusive discounts.
  • viggle pandoraX129
    Access Pandora from your connected HD DVR today. Match songs and get +100 Viggle Points.
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