Redefine Couple Goals With These Movies and TV Shows

When you think “couple goals” do you see a picture perfect pair that never fights and has a meticulously curated joint Instagram feed? Well, we’re here to redefine couple goals for you, because picture perfect isn’t perfect. What really makes a dream couple are the hurdles, adventures and laughs that they go through together and how they show up for one another.

Whether you’re single or coupled up we’ve got a great selection of hilarious, inspiring and quirky movies and TV shows to inspire your current relationship or the next one!


Neighbors is a side splitting comedy that follows the hilarious and chaotic rivalry between two vastly different neighbors. Mac and Kelly Radner (played by Seth Rogan and Rose Byrne) a young couple with a newborn baby, enjoy their peaceful suburban life until a fraternity house, led by the charismatic Teddy Sanders (Zac Efron) moves in next door. Initially, the couple attempts to coexist with their party-loving neighbors but soon find themselves entangled in a battle of pranks and outrageous antics. As the dispute escalates, both sides resort to increasingly shocking and creative schemes, resulting in a hilarious and wild showdown that challenges the concept of ‘neighborly’ relations. Amid the uproarious chaos, unexpected friendships are formed and valuable life lessons are learned, all the while the strength of Mac and Kelly’s relationship only grows stronger. Watch Neighbors on DIRECTV


Friday Night Lights is a gripping sports drama based on a true story that follows the journey of the Permian High School Panthers, a small-town Texas football team, and their passionate pursuit of victory during the 1988 season. As the pressure to win builds, the team’s coach, Gary Gaines (Billy Bob Thornton) faces the immense weight of expectations from the community and with the strength and support of his wife Sharon (Connie Britton) he is able to navigate the immense stress and unending highs and lows. With the town’s hopes hinging on the success of the team, the players must come together as a united force to overcome adversities both on and off the gridiron. Friday Night Lights shines a spotlight on the profound impact of sports on a community, as well as the importance of relationships and the resilience and spirit that lie at the heart of the game. Watch Friday Night Lights on DIRECTV


The Addams Family is a classic television show that explores the eccentric and spooky lives of the Addams family members. Living in their eerie mansion, Gomez and Morticia Addams lead a delightfully bizarre household with their children, Wednesday and Pugsley, along with Uncle Fester, Grandma and their imposing butler, Lurch. The show follows their comical interactions with the outside world, which often struggles to comprehend their unique way of life. Gomez and Morticia are the perfect example of parents that highlight the values of love, acceptance and embracing one’s quirks, no matter how unconventional they may be. The loveable family has taken many iterations over the years, but why not start with the original TV show. Watch The Addams Family on DIRECTV


Former professional baseball right fielder Hunter Pence and his wife entrepreneur Alexis Pence stopped by the DIRECTV Studio for a game of Trivia Tower, showcasing how couples who play together slay together. Hunter raises the stakes of our friendly game and puts laundry duties for a whole month on the line. See who is getting stuck in the mud room by making the tower fall. 

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