‘Interview with the Vampire’ episode 3 recap

‘Interview with the Vampire’ episode 3 recap

This week, Louis continues to try to come to terms with becoming a vampire. He’s trying to fight his vampire instincts and maintain his human morals, ethics, businesses and family ties. Seeing Louis walk this tightrope is fascinating. It’s so much more compelling than the Interview with the Vampire film from a couple decades ago.

Let’s dive into the highlights of this week’s episode! And to catch up, read episode 1 and episode 2 recaps here.

Louis doesn’t want to eat humans

This week’s episode opens with Louis trying his best to convince Lestat that they should reconsider their diet. After reading a book that makes him think about ethics, morality and the purpose of a vampire, Louis says to Lestat, “They [humans] came from apes, we came from them. We should try to be better than them. What if we just ate the worst people in the world?” Lestat isn’t happy with Louis’ suggestion, but he finally relents and says that he will go search for a terrible person to eat. Then, Lestat actually finds the worst person walking the street — a true criminal who robs people. When Lestat disables the man with a quick slash, Louis still refuses to drink the criminal’s blood. Instead, Louis grabs a nearby stray cat and begins devouring its blood. 

Lestat is disappointed that Louis decides to take this route. “A fish that doesn’t swim. A bird refusing to fly. You’re going to struggle. I fear for the feline population of New Orleans,” says Lestat. You can feel the disappointment in Lestat’s voice. This is clearly not what Lestat had in mind when he turned Louis into a vampire (and, just as important, his assumed companion for the next few centuries).

Louis is disowned by his family

In last week’s episode, Lestat warns Louis that to stay away from his family. Lestat’s a firm believer that it’s not possible for vampires to keep in touch with their human family members. We agree with Lestat after Louis is tempted to eat his nephew during last week’s episode, but it looks like Louis wants to give it another shot.  

When Louis goes to his mom’s house, he’s given the cold shoulder by both his mom and his brother-in-law. He just wants to give gifts to his sister’s twin children, but he’s not welcome there. His mom believes he’s the devil, and Louis responds by blowing the door off the hinges with a single hit. This terrifies his family, and Louis runs off thinking he won’t ever see them again.

Louis vs. racist New Orleans politicians 

For the majority of the past two episodes, we see Louis try to push down his vampire instincts. Deep down, he’s a good man and he even resorts to eating stray cats and rats in an effort to keep humans alive. However, when he’s faced with the constant racist remarks and actions of the New Orleans ruling class around him, his anger starts to reveal itself. The fact that Louis can hear people’s thoughts makes it even worse. He has known for a while about Alderman Fenwick’s hatred toward him. When Fenwick reveals that Louis’ bar, The Azalea, is going to be subjected to difficulties due to new laws, Louis almost loses it. Fenwick even offers to buy The Azalea for 15% of the Louis’ original purchase price. 

Fenwick’s outright disrespect and racism ultimately leads to Louis breaking into his house. After a terrified Fenwick shoots Louis multiple times (without any of the bullets affecting him), we see Louis finally comes to terms with what he’s become. Fenwick asks, “What are you?” And Louis responds, “I’M A VAMPIRE.” After an entire episode of Louis trying to hide who and what he is, his hatred toward the ruling class in the United States finally helps him embrace his current self.

Louis meets Claudia

After Louis kills Fenwick and hangs his ripped up body from the city council gates, Black businesses and homes in Storyville —Louis’ neighborhood — are burned down by white people. The class war in 1910s New Orleans is on full display. Louis’ bar is burned to the ground, and he sets off in an attempt to save people in his neighborhood. The episode ends when he finds Claudia, his “destiny,” in a burning building. If you watched the film or read the book, then you know the significance of this scene. If you didn’t, you’ll have to wait until next week’s episode to see how this will completely shake up Louis and Lestat’s lives.

How to watch ‘Interview with the Vampire’

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