‘Interview with the Vampire’ episode 4 recap

‘Interview with the Vampire’ episode 4 recap

This week, Claudia joins the party. The introduction of Claudia helps open up a whole new side of Louis that we haven’t seen before. Most of this episode consists of flashbacks that were documented by Claudia in her diary. As a result, Claudia is this week’s narrator instead of Louis. 

Let’s dive into the highlights of this week’s episode! And to catch up, read episode 1,episode 2 and episode 3 recaps here.

Louis, Lestat and Claudia Make a Family 

As we open up this week’s episode, we see Louis desperately plead to Lestat to turn Claudia into a vampire. Louis is distraught that his actions to fight against racism (i.e., his decision to kill and mutilate a racist alderman and hang him from a gate) led to white people setting Storyville on fire and killing countless innocent Black people in the process. He’s hoping that his decision to save Claudia from a burning building will help give him some purpose and salvation. After convincing Lestat, Louis is overjoyed to finally have a “daughter.” Louis tells Molloy, “I loved her so completely. She was so much the companion of my every waking hour.”

At times, it’s a little scary to see Louis, Lestat and Claudia prey on unsuspecting humans and kill them. But mostly, the scenes between the three vampires are hilarious. When they go coffin shopping so that Claudia can have her own bed to sleep in, it’s adorable (okay, except for the part where they kill the shop owner). You can even say that their family relationship is cute when you see all three of them dance together and jump for joy. When Louis and Lestat have their lovers quarrels, Claudia laughs and find it funny — especially when they fight in French. It’s so interesting to see a vampire couple teach a vampire child how to be a vampire.

Also, mindreading introduces an interesting dynamic between the three vampires. Louis and Claudia can read each other’s minds, but Lestat can’t read either of their minds. This is because a vampire’s maker cannot read the mind of any vampire they created. In this case, Lestat turned both Louis and Claudia into vampires, which means he cannot read either of their minds. This makes it easy for Louis and Claudia to keep secrets from Lestat.

Who is Rashid?

Molloy has been cautious of Rashid ever since he came to Dubai. Something about Rashid feels off. There’s a reason why the show keeps focusing on Rashid while disregarding the rest of the employees at Louis’ house. When Molloy uncovers that Rashid actually isn’t a Dubai native and may be from the Crimea region, Rashid strangely responds that “Dubai is a child.” Dubai was founded in the 1800s, so it’s almost 200 years old. Is there a chance that Rashid is a type of vampire as well — maybe even a special breed that can stay awake during the day? It would make sense since Rashid talks in such a formal and dated manner.

Claudia Falls in Love, and it Doesn’t End Well

When Lestat shows Claudia lovers’ lane, it changes her life (or whatever you call a vampire’s existence). Prior to that moment, Claudia had no idea about the birds and the bees. She witnesses a couple having sex in a car and immediately becomes intrigued by what they were doing. After eating the couple — along with Lestat — Claudia goes home and can’t get her mind off of what she saw. She keeps thinking about it and finally realizes that she’s starting to become attracted to men. What makes this difficult and strange — aside from being a vampire — is that now she is mentally an 18-year-old, but she’s stuck in a 14-year-old body because vampires don’t age. When she meets a man named Charlie, he can’t believe that she’s 18, but she’s able to convince him with her knowledge of the neighborhood. Charlie and Claudia quickly fall for each other, and they start kissing on their first date. When they try to take it to the next level, Claudia’s kissing turns to biting. She ends up accidentally killing Charlie after biting his neck and sucking all of his blood.

The episode ends how it began: with a vampire trying to convince Lestat to turn a human into a vampire. However, this time, Lestat can’t do it. Claudia pleads for him to turn Charlie into a vampire, but it’s impossible because she’s completely sucked all the blood out of Charlie. We discover that a human has to still be alive in order to be turned into a vampire.

As Lestat forces Claudia to watch Charlie’s body burn in the oven, Lestat says, “This is why we never get close to mortals. Because sooner or later, they end up dead.” He tells her to remember this moment as Charlie’s face melts. Lestat wants to burn this memory into Claudia’s head so that she knows how quickly she can unwittingly kill a human — even when she loves them. 

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