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  • Premium Channels

    Buzzworthy entertainment

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  • Experience premium TV like never before

    They’re the shows that have everyone buzzing, the movies you wish you’d caught at the theater or can’t wait to see again. You won’t find them on just any channel—they’re only on HBO®, STARZ®, SHOWTIME®, and CINEMAX®.
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  • America's most popular premium network

    With runaway, award-winning hits like Game of Thrones, Silicon Valley, Veep, and a huge selection of top big-screen movies, documentaries and sports, HBO® is the reason why millions of entertainment lovers turn on their TV—or their laptop, tablet, phone. HBO® includes 10 channels and HBO® On Demand^. See what’s playing on HBO®  Chs. 501-511
Q211 OM Premiums Free for 3 months


$17.99 per month
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  • The hottest original series, sports, and movies

    Ray Donovan, Happyish, Masters of Sex... Add to that the biggest hit movies, sports and comedy specials, and you have 13 channels you can’t afford to miss. Not to mention unlimited On Demand^ access on any screen you own. See what’s playing on SHOWTIME®  Chs. 545-557
Q211 OM Premiums Free for 3 months


$13.99 per month
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  • The best
    entertainment value

    Love movies? STARZ® Super Pack brings you over a thousand of the hottest blockbusters every month on 15 different STARZ® and ENCORE® channels, plus STARZ® On Demand^. You also get original series like Outlander, Power and more. STARZ® has it all, and it’s available on any device. See what’s playing on STARZ®  Chs. 525-542
Q211 OM Premiums Free for 3 months

STARZ Super Pack

$13.99 per month
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  • The ultimate in movie entertainment

    CINEMAX® is your go-to place for hit movies. Every Saturday night, you’ll see a new movie premiere. You might’ve missed them on the big screen, but don’t worry. Chances are, you’ll find the hottest box-office titles on one of the eight CINEMAX® channels. Or watch them On Demand^ anywhere, on any device. See what’s playing on CINEMAX®  Chs. 515-523
Q211 OM Premiums Free for 3 months


$13.99 per month
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  • Adult
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  • The sexiest
    entertainment on TV

    Subscribe to the ONLY premium channel that offers completely uncensored entertainment for adults. Your Playboy TV subscription includes Playboy TV HD, Playboy TV 2, Playboy TV en Español, and Playboy TV On Demand^. All in one incredible package, for one low price. See what’s playing on PLAYBOY TV  Chs. 575-578

Playboy TV

$12.99 per month
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  • See more top questions
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