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Existing Customers
Add CricketTicket for $299 and save 59% off pay-per-tour prices.
Call 1-800-378-3309 to order
New Customers
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All Access Pass to Live International Matches

Get live International Cricket matches with DIRECTV CricketTicket. Watch matches from Australia, India and Sri Lanka. If you prefer to watch one tour, you can order CricketTicket™ on a pay-per-tour basis. See the schedule below for pricing information and call 1-800-378-3309 to order.

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Tour Price Dates Tests O.D.I. 20/20  
India vs New Zealand $79 Feb 25 - Apr 7 2009 3 5 2 completed
Australia vs South Africa $59 Feb 26 - Apr 17 2009 3 5 2 completed
Indian Premier League-IPL $99 Apr 10 - May 29 2009

ICC T20 World Cup $125 Jun 5 - Jun 21 2009

view schedule
England vs. South Africa $49 September 2009

Champions League Twenty20 $79 October 2009

ICC Champions Trophy $79 November 2009

Bangladesh vs New Zealand $49 December 2009

Pakistan vs Australia $59 December 2009

West Indies in Australia $59 December 2009

Total cost if all ordered by Tour   $736  

Individual Tour Schedules

ICC World Twenty20 England 2009 — $125 when ordered on a pay-per-tour basis
Group A Group B Group C Group D
India Pakistan Australia New Zealand
Bangladesh England Sri Lanka South Africa
Ireland Netherlands West Indies Scotland
Group Date Fixture Play Time (EST) Venue
B June 5, 2009 England v Netherlands 12:30pm Lord's, London
D June 6, 2009 New Zealand v Scotland 05:00am Kennington Oval, London
C June 6, 2009 Australia v West Indies 08:30am Kennington Oval, London
A June 6, 2009 Bangladesh v India 12:30pm Trent Bridge, Nottingham
D June 7, 2009 Scotland v South Africa 08:30am Kennington Oval, London
B June 7, 2009 England v Pakistan 12:30pm Kennington Oval, London
A June 8, 2009 Bangladesh v Ireland 08:30am Trent Bridge, Nottingham
C June 8, 2009 Australia v Sri Lanka 12:30pm Trent Bridge, Nottingham
B June 9, 2009 Pakistan v Netherlands 8:30am Lord's, London
D June 9, 2009 New Zealand v South Africa 12:30pm Lord's, London
C June 10, 2009 Sri lanka v West Indies 12:30pm Trent Bridge, Nottingham
A June 10, 2009 India v Ireland 12:30pm Trent Bridge, Nottingham
Super Date Fixture Play Time (EST) Venue
F June 11, 2009 TBC - D1 v A2 8:30am Trent Bridge, Nottingham
E June 11, 2009 TBC - B2 v D2 12:30pm Trent Bridge, Nottingham
F June 12, 2009 TBC - B1 v C2 8:30am Lord's, London
E June 12, 2009 TBC - A1 v C1 12:30pm Lord's, London
E June 13, 2009 TBC - C1 v D2 8:30am Kennington Oval, London
F June 13, 2009 TBC - D1 v B1 12:30pm Kennington Oval, London
F June 14, 2009 TBC - A2 v C2 8:30am Lord's, London
E June 14, 2009 TBC - A1 v B2 12:30pm Lord's, London
E June 15, 2009 TBC - B2 v C1 8:30am Kennington Oval, London
F June 15, 2009 TBC - B1 v A2 12:30pm Kennington Oval, London
F June 16, 2009 TBC - D1 v C2 8:30am Trent Bridge, Nottingham
E June 16, 2009 TBC - D2 v A1 12:30pm Trent Bridge, Nottingham
Semi-Final June 18, 2009 1st Semi-Final 12:30pm Trent Bridge, Nottingham
  June 19, 2009 2nd Semi-Final 12:30pm Kennington Oval, London
Final June 21, 2009 Final 10:00am Lord's, London

Programming, pricing, terms and conditions subject to change. Hardware and programming available separately. DIRECTV services not provided outside the U.S. *Based on national offering of exclusive sports packages and other major sports programming in HD. †Eligibility based on service address.

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