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with you. It's your best move yet!

  • Call 1.866.889.7872 today to
    move your DIRECTV service.

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  • Save up to $120
    with an
    Internet & Phone bundle.*

    Bundle DIRECTV with phone
    and Internet services from our trusted
    partners and save.
  • Get a FREE
    Genie™ Upgrade
    up to 3 rooms.**

    Record and watch your favorite
    programs from any room of your
    house with just one DIRECTV HD
    DVR. And much more.
  • Try out one
    new premium package -
    FREE for 3

    Watch the hottest movies
    and shows on HBO®, Cinemax®,
    SHOWTIME®, and STARZ®.
    Access over 35 sports channels with
    SPORTS PACK, and more.
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How it works

  • Schedule your move today!

    Call 1.866.889.7872 as soon as you know your move-in date. Be sure to ask
    about the DIRECTV Movers Deal when you call.
  • Take your receivers and remotes to your new home.

    Your TVs, DIRECTV receivers and remotes must be at your new home during
    the installation. You can leave your dish at your old home. Please make sure your TVs are
    set up where you want them in your home.
  • Make sure an adult is present during installation.

    Someone 18 years or older has to be home during the installation.
  • Get permission to have DIRECTV installed.

    If you are moving to an apartment or condo, make sure your landlord or HOA signs
    this installation permission form.
  • Make sure you have electricity, Internet, and/or
    phone service prior to the installation.

    Ask about our Internet and phone bundles when you call to schedule your installation.
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  • Call 1.866.889.7872 today to
    move your DIRECTV service.

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