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"Careers : Summer Internship : How to Apply"

How to Apply

  • Internships are primarily based at our headquarters in El Segundo, CA. Other locations for internship opportunities are: Long Beach, CA, Denver, CO, Clarksburg, MD, and New York, NY. To apply, please visit and select "Internship" in the job field drop-down menu.
"Careers : Summer Internship : Program Highlights"

Program Highlights

  • Intern Orientation

    Opportunity to meet other interns and to learn more about DIRECTV.
  • Formal mentoring program

    Each intern is assigned a manager and a mentor.
  • Weekly Lunch n' Learn sessions

    Meetings for interns to network with management to learn more about DIRECTV and our industry.
  • Executive presentations

    Opportunity to present projects and accomplishments to the executive team.
"Careers: Internships: Text Header"
  • Internships
"Careers : Summer Internship : Intro"

Experience a corporate environment in an exciting, fast-moving branch of the entertainment industry.

  • DIRECTV is an exciting place to be, surrounded by the unique energy, creativity and enthusiasm that has made us the #1 entertainment provider in the United States. Our 12-week college summer internship program offers graduate and undergraduate college students hands-on learning opportunities that will be invaluable as they prepare for a competitive workforce.
"Internship : Module 1 : Gain valuable work experience at DIRECTV"

Gain valuable work experience at DIRECTV

"Careers : Summer Internship : Module1 : Left : What to Expect"
  • img What to Expect

    What to Expect

    As a DIRECTV Intern, you'll get the opportunity to use classroom training, work alongside some of the industry's most respected experts, establish networking contacts, obtain references and explore potential career opportunities within DIRECTV. All positions are paid competitive
    student wages.
"Careers : Summer Internship : Module1 : Right : Qualifications"
  • img Qualifications


    Students selected for a DIRECTV internship must:
    • Be currently enrolled in an academic program at an accredited college or university
    • Have at least one term of school after the internship program ends
    • Have a GPA of 3.0 or higher out of 4.0
"Internship : Module 2 : Put your classroom knowledge to good use"

Put your classroom knowledge to good use

Desired Majors

  • Students hired should be pursuing an academic program of study that matches the work they will do as an intern. We have the strongest need for students majoring in:
"Careers : Summer Internship : Module2 : Left : Majors"
  • Business/Economics

  • Communications

  • Criminal Justice

  • Engineering (Computer Science or Electrical Engineering)

  • English/Journalism

"Careers : Summer Internship : Module2 : Center : Majors"
  • Finance/Accounting

  • Graphic Design

  • Information Technology

  • Law

  • Logistics Management

"Careers : Summer Internship : Module2 : Right : Majors"
  • Marketing/Sales

  • Mathematics

  • Media Production

  • Supply Chain

"Careers : Summer Internship : Testimonials"

Want to know what it's like to work at DIRECTV?

Here is what former DIRECTV interns have to say about their experience.

  • “DIRECTV really takes care of its employees - even interns! The pay is very competitive, and they really foster an atmosphere that helps you succeed.”
    - Ed Chang, Computer Science Major
  • “My boss delegated assignments and projects that required trust in my skills and abilities.”
    - Janna Lam, Finance Major
  • “From day one I never felt like the stereotypical intern;
    I never got coffee for anyone and my ideas were always given an honest look.”

    - Jordan Alcott, Psychology Major
  • “The opportunity to present a summary of our internship in front of the CEO, the Executive VP, and Senior VPs was absolutely amazing.”
    - Dave Serafica, Business Economics Major
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