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Discover Your DIRECTV Career

  • Find open Enterprise, Customer Care and Home Services positions at DIRECTV, as well as college internships.
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Be part of DIRECTV's commitment to providing excellent service.

  • DIRECTV is at the forefront of technology, content and service. As we deliver the ultimate entertainment experience, we know that our employees are our biggest assets. A nationwide team numbering over 16,000, our employees use their unique diverse talents and life experiences to provide exceptional service to our customers.

    Our employees' pride and enthusiasm are vital to each and every job across more than one hundred U.S. locations. Thanks to their leadership, innovation, decisiveness, agility, teamwork and integrity, DIRECTV keeps ahead of the competition in a rapidly changing industry.

"Careers : Overview: Our Teams"

Our Teams

  • Enterprise

    No matter your background or field of expertise — IT, Finance, Marketing, Engineering, or Human Resources — DIRECTV has opportunities for professionals with a passion for creativity and results-driven success.
  • Customer Care

    Our Customer Care employees use their problem-solving skills to make the quick decisions that are instrumental in helping our customers get the best possible service.
  • Home Services

    We have over 7,000 technicians
    and support staff in over
    110 locations. These highly-trained professionals install and service DIRECTV equipment.
"Careers : Overview: rewards at DIRECTV"

The benefits of working at DIRECTV

  • Compensation

    DIRECTV offers performance-based compensation programs to attract, reward and retain top talent.
  • Health and Wellness

    DIRECTV offers comprehensive Medical, Dental and Vision plans, Flexible Spending Accounts, Wellness, Employee Assistance programs and more.
  • Complimentary DIRECTV Programming and Hardware

    All employees enjoy complimentary DIRECTV service. Employees can
    also reward their friends and family with discounted DIRECTV service through the DIRECTV Friends and Family Program.
  • Retirement

    DIRECTV offers a 401(k) Savings Plan with a matching contribution opportunity, as well as the DIRECTV Pension Plan.
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