2024 NFL Draft: How It Works, Where to Watch & Top QBs

2024 NFL Draft: How It Works, Where to Watch & Top QBs

The dust has settled on the 2023-2024 NFL season, with the Kansas City Chiefs firmly back in possession of the Lombardi Trophy for the third time in just four years. After the exciting and active free agency frenzy earlier this year, we’re on to the next big event that will determine what the rosters of the league’s 32 teams will look like come kickoff in September.

It’s the annual NFL Draft, and it’s the source of some of the biggest speculation in sports each offseason. We put together this guide to who’s who in this year’s draft, and which teams they could end up on.

When is the 2024 NFL Draft?

The 2024 NFL Draft will be held from noon on Thursday, April 25, 2024 until Saturday, April 27, 2024.

How Can I Watch the 2024 NFL Draft?

The 2024 NFL Draft will be broadcast on:

How Does the NFL Draft Work?

The NFL draft is one of the biggest non-game events of the year in professional football. But how does it work? How does the order get determined, and why does it shift around so much? Let’s break it down:


To be draft-eligible, players must have been out of high school for at least three years.

Draft Order

The draft is set up in a way that gives the worst-performing teams from the prior season a chance at drafting the best players to balance out team strength across the league. Teams are allowed to trade their draft picks to each other in exchange for players or other draft picks. Teams can also call each other up and trade picks during the draft.

After the teams that did not make the playoffs are assigned their spots, the teams that did make the post-season are placed in the order of which round they were eliminated in during the prior season’s playoffs, then ordered by win-loss record.

Teams are also given compensatory picks based on how many players they gained or lost during free agency, when players whose contracts expire or otherwise become available to other teams are allowed to explore opportunities.

Teams that engage in illegal behavior or otherwise violate the league’s rules will occasionally be required to forfeit their draft picks as a penalty.

Top 2024 NFL Draft Prospects

Every year, there’s a few players who really stand out from the pack in their college careers and end up ranked towards the top of the draft boards. Who’s leading the pack this year?

Let’s take a look at some of the top available prospects for the 2024 NFL Draft.

1. Caleb Williams, Quarterback, USC

2. Drake Maye, Quarterback, University of North Carolina

3. Jayden Daniels, LSU, Quarterback

4. Marvin Harrison, Jr., Wide Receiver, Ohio State

5. Joe Alt, Offensive Tackle, Notre Dame

6. Brock Bowers, Tight End, Georgia

7. J.J. McCarthy, Quarterback, Michigan

8. Malik Nabers, Wide Receiver, LSU

9. Rome Odunze, Wide Receiver, Washington

10. Dallas Turner, Edge Rusher, Alabama

11. Taliese Fuaga, Offensive Tackle, Oregon State

12. Laiatu Latu, Edge Rusher, UCLA

13. Quinyon Mitchell, Cornerback, Toledo

14. Terriod Arnold, Cornerback, Alabama

15. Jared Verse, Edge Rusher, Florida State

2024 Quarterbacks and Teams That Need One

Few positions are as important to a football team as quarterback. Quarterbacks are the conductor of their team’s offensive orchestra, and drafting the right person for the job can make or break a team: QBs like Tom Brady, Patrick Mahomes, Drew Brees and Aaron Rodgers led their respective organizations to legendary success, while recent picks that are widely considered to be busts like Mitchell Trubisky, Trey Lance, Zach Wilson and Mac Jones can set their teams back years with a wasted first-round pick.

Here are the top five available quarterbacks in the 2024 NFL draft, plus what makes them good and which team is probably going to pick them:

1. Caleb Williams

USC’s star quarterback Caleb Williams is the obvious top choice in this year’s draft, and it’ll be a bit of shock if he doesn’t go first overall to the Chicago Bears, who have relied on first-rounder Justin Fields under center for the last few seasons and haven’t shown much success for it.

Williams is a superbly talented, dynamic dual-threat player who is as good on the move as he is in the pocket. That’s the new QB archetype that the league’s leading teams have embraced (think: Patrick Mahomes, Lamar Jackson, Justin Herbert) and that Chicago was looking for in Fields. They swapped with Carolina for their first-round trade pick, and they look pretty serious about moving on at the position.

2. Drake Maye

The Tarheel’s Drake Maye boasts the best accuracy of any available signal caller this year, and he’s easily found a place in the top 3. He has high football IQ, showcasing an ability to quickly pivot from his target to a better option, and though he’s less of a dual threat than Williams, he can still book it when necessary. Expect Maye to go to the Washington Commanders, New England Patriots or, less likely, the Minnesota Vikings.

3. Jayden Daniels

Louisiana State’s Jayden Daniels is another dual threat cut from the same cloth as Williams. He’s able to hit targets on the move and in the pocket, and he has a big arm that can make very deep plays happen. He’ll likely be snapped up by either the Commanders, Patriots or Vikings.

4. J.J. McCarthy

Could the Patriots roll with another Michigan QB? The last time they did that, it went pretty well for them (looking at you, Tom Brady). If Maye and Daniels are off the board in their predicted spots, New England could reach deep for this natural leader, accurate passer and playmaker if they pass over Marvin Harrison, Jr. Otherwise, there’s a good chance Minnesota or the Denver Broncos will take him. The Atlanta Falcons and Arizona Cardinals, reliant on an injury-plagued Kyler Murray, are also in need of a franchise QB.

5. Bo Nix

Nix’s college career saw him play under a variety of different systems, making him a versatile pick with a particular penchant for successful quick game play. Nix is likely to go to Denver or Minnesota. If he falls far enough, he could come back around for New England, too, if they decide to wait on QB in favor of filling other positional needs.

What is the Draft Order of the 2024 NFL Draft?

Now, let’s take a look at the official draft order ahead of the event from the NFL:

First Round

Pick Team
1 Chicago Bears (from Carolina)
2 Washington Commanders
3 New England Patriots
4 Arizona Cardinals
5 Los Angeles Chargers
6 New York Giants
7 Tennessee Titans
8 Atlanta Falcons
9 Chicago Bears
10 New York Jets
11 Minnesota Vikings
12 Denver Broncos
13 Las Vegas Raiders
14 New Orleans Saints
15 Indianapolis Colts
16 Seattle Seahawks
17 Jacksonville Jaguars
18 Cincinnati Bengals
19 Los Angeles Rams
20 Pittsburgh Steelers
21 Miami Dolphins
22 Philadelphia Eagles
23 Minnesota Vikings (from Cleveland through Houston)
24 Dallas Cowboys
25 Green Bay Packers
26 Tampa Bay Buccaneers
27 Arizona Cardinals (from Houston)
28 Buffalo Bills
29 Detroit Lions
30 Baltimore Ravens
31 San Francisco 49ers
32 Kansas City Chiefs

Second Round

Pick Team
33 Carolina Panthers
34 New England Patriots
35 Arizona Cardinals
36 Washington Commanders
37 Los Angeles Chargers
38 Tennessee Titans
39 Carolina Panthers (from N.Y. Giants)
40 Washington Commanders (from Chicago)
41 Green Bay Packers (from N.Y. Jets)
42 Houston Texans (from Minnesota)
43 Atlanta Falcons
44 Las Vegas Raiders
45 New Orleans Saints (from Denver)
46 Indianapolis Colts
47 New York Giants (from Seattle)
48 Jacksonville Jaguars
49 Cincinnati Bengals
50 Philadelphia Eagles (from New Orleans)
51 Pittsburgh Steelers
52 Los Angeles Rams
53 Philadelphia Eagles
54 Cleveland Browns
55 Miami Dolphins
56 Dallas Cowboys
57 Tampa Bay Buccaneers
58 Green Bay Packers
59 Houston Texans
60 Buffalo Bills
61 Detroit Lions
62 Baltimore Ravens
63 San Francisco 49ers
64 Kansas City Chiefs

Third Round

Pick Team
65 Carolina Panthers
66 Arizona Cardinals
67 Washington Commanders
68 New England Patriots
69 Los Angeles Chargers
70 New York Giants
71 Arizona Cardinals (from Tennessee)
72 New York Jets
73 Detroit Lions (from Minnesota)
74 Atlanta Falcons
75 Chicago Bears
76 Denver Broncos
77 Las Vegas Raiders
78 Washington Commanders (from Seattle)
79 Atlanta Falcons (from Jacksonville)
80 Cincinnati Bengals
81 Seattle Seahawks (from New Orleans through Denver)
82 Indianapolis Colts
83 Los Angeles Rams
84 Pittsburgh Steelers
85 Cleveland Browns
86 Houston Texans (from Philadelphia)
87 Dallas Cowboys
88 Green Bay Packers
89 Tampa Bay Buccaneers
90 Arizona Cardinals (from Houston)
91 Green Bay Packers (from Buffalo)
92 Tampa Bay Buccaneers (from Detroit)
93 Baltimore Ravens
94 San Francisco 49ers
95 Kansas City Chiefs
96 Jacksonville Jaguars (Compensatory Selection)
97 Cincinnati Bengals (Compensatory Selection)
98 Pittsburgh Steelers (from Philadelphia; Compensatory Selection)
99 Los Angeles Rams (Special Compensatory Selection)
100 Washington Commanders (from San Francisco; Special Compensatory Selection)

Later Rounds

Pick Team
101 Carolina Panthers
102 Seattle Seahawks (from Washington)
103 New England Patriots
104 Arizona Cardinals
105 Los Angeles Chargers
106 Tennessee Titans
107 New York Giants
108 Minnesota Vikings
109 Atlanta Falcons
110 Los Angeles Chargers (from Chicago)
111 New York Jets
112 Las Vegas Raiders
113 Baltimore Ravens (from Denver through N.Y. Jets)
114 Jacksonville Jaguars
115 Cincinnati Bengals
116 Jacksonville Jaguars (from New Orleans)
117 Indianapolis Colts
118 Seattle Seahawks
119 Pittsburgh Steelers
120 Philadelphia Eagles (from L.A. Rams through Pittsburgh)
121 Denver Broncos (from Miami)
122 Chicago Bears (from Philadelphia)
123 Houston Texans (from Cleveland)
124 San Francisco 49ers (from Dallas)
125 Tampa Bay Buccaneers
126 Green Bay Packers
127 Houston Texans
128 Buffalo Bills
129 Minnesota Vikings (from Detroit)
130 Baltimore Ravens
131 Kansas City Chiefs
132 San Francisco 49ers (Compensatory Selection)
133 Buffalo Bills (Compensatory Selection)
134 New York Jets (from Baltimore; Compensatory Selection)
135 San Francisco 49ers
136 Denver Broncos (from Carolina through Cleveland)
137 New England Patriots
138 Arizona Cardinals
139 Washington Commanders
140 Los Angeles Chargers
141 Carolina Panthers (from N.Y. Giants)
142 Carolina Panthers (from Tennessee)
143 Atlanta Falcons
144 Buffalo Bills (from Chicago)
145 Denver Broncos (from N.Y. Jets)
146 Tennessee Titans (from Minnesota through Philadelphia)
147 Denver Broncos
148 Las Vegas Raiders
149 Cincinnati Bengals
150 New Orleans Saints
151 Indianapolis Colts
152 Washington Commanders (from Seattle)
153 Jacksonville Jaguars
154 Los Angeles Rams
155 Los Angeles Rams (from Pittsburgh)
156 Cleveland Browns (from Philadelphia through Arizona)
157 Minnesota Vikings (from Cleveland)
158 Miami Dolphins
159 Kansas City Chiefs (from Dallas)
160 Buffalo Bills (from Green Bay)
161 Philadelphia Eagles (from Tampa Bay)
162 Arizona Cardinals (from Houston)
163 Buffalo Bills
164 Detroit Lions
165 Baltimore Ravens
166 New York Giants (from San Francisco through Carolina)
167 Minnesota Vikings (from Kansas City)
168 New Orleans Saints (Compensatory Selection)
169 Green Bay Packers (Compensatory Selection)
170 New Orleans Saints (Compensatory Selection)
171 Philadelphia Eagles (Compensatory Selection)
172 Philadelphia Eagles (Compensatory Selection)
173 Kansas City Chiefs (Compensatory Selection)
174 Dallas Cowboys (Compensatory Selection)
175 New Orleans Saints (Compensatory Selection)
176 San Francisco 49ers (Compensatory Selection)
177 Minnesota Vikings (from Carolina through Jacksonville)
178 Pittsburgh Steelers (from Arizona through Carolina)
179 Seattle Seahawks (from Washington)
180 New England Patriots
181 Los Angeles Chargers
182 Tennessee Titans (reacquired through Philadelphia)
183 New York Giants
184 Miami Dolphins (from Chicago)
185 New York Jets
186 Arizona Cardinals (from Minnesota)
187 Atlanta Falcons
188 Houston Texans (from Las Vegas through New England and Minnesota)
189 Houston Texans (from Denver through L.A. Rams and Buffalo)
190 New Orleans Saints
191 Indianapolis Colts
192 Seattle Seahawks
193 New England Patriots (from Jacksonville)
194 Cincinnati Bengals
195 Pittsburgh Steelers
196 Los Angeles Rams
197 Atlanta Falcons (from Cleveland)
198 Miami Dolphins
199 New Orleans Saints (from Philadelphia)
200 Buffalo Bills (from Dallas through Houston)
201 Detroit Lions (from Tampa Bay)
202 Green Bay Packers
203 Denver Broncos (from Houston through Cleveland)
204 Buffalo Bills
205 Detroit Lions
206 Cleveland Browns (from Baltimore)
207 Denver Broncos (from San Francisco)
208 Las Vegas Raiders (from Kansas City)
209 Los Angeles Rams (Compensatory Selection)
210 Philadelphia Eagles (Compensatory Selection)
211 San Francisco 49ers (Compensatory Selection)
212 Jacksonville Jaguars (Compensatory Selection)
213 Los Angeles Rams (Compensatory Selection)
214 Cincinnati Bengals (Compensatory Selection)
215 San Francisco 49ers (Compensatory Selection)
216 Dallas Cowboys (Compensatory Selection)
217 Los Angeles Rams (Compensatory Selection)
218 Baltimore Ravens (from N.Y. Jets; Compensatory Selection)
219 Green Bay Packers (Compensatory Selection)
220 Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Compensatory Selection)
221 Kansas City Chiefs (from Carolina through Tennessee)
222 Washington Commanders
223 Las Vegas Raiders (from New England)
224 Cincinnati Bengals (from Arizona through Houston)
225 Los Angeles Chargers
226 Arizona Cardinals (from N.Y. Giants)
227 Tennessee Titans
228 Baltimore Ravens (from N.Y. Jets)
229 Las Vegas Raiders (from Minnesota)
230 Minnesota Vikings (from Atlanta through Cleveland and Arizona)
231 New England Patriots (from Chicago)
232 Minnesota Vikings (from Denver through San Francisco and Houston)
233 Dallas Cowboys (from Las Vegas)
234 Indianapolis Colts
235 Seattle Seahawks
236 Jacksonville Jaguars
237 Cincinnati Bengals
238 Houston Texans (from New Orleans)
239 New Orleans Saints (from L.A. Rams through Denver)
240 Carolina Panthers (from Pittsburgh)
241 Miami Dolphins
242 Tennessee Titans (from Philadelphia)
243 Cleveland Browns
244 Dallas Cowboys
245 Green Bay Packers
246 Tampa Bay Buccaneers
247 Houston Texans
248 Buffalo Bills
249 Detroit Lions
250 Baltimore Ravens
251 San Francisco 49ers
252 Tennessee Titans (from Kansas City)
253 Los Angeles Chargers (Compensatory Selection)
254 Los Angeles Rams (Compensatory Selection)
255 Green Bay Packers (Compensatory Selection)
256 New York Jets (Compensatory Selection)
257 New York Jets (Compensatory Selection)

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Frequently Asked Questions

When is the NFL Draft?

The 2024 NFL Draft will be held between April 25 and April 27, 2024.

Which team has the first pick?

The Chicago Bears, who traded for the #1 pick with the Carolina Panthers.

How many rounds is the draft?

The 2024 NFL Draft lasts seven rounds.

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