Watch the Best Episodes of ‘Family Guy’ Online Now

Watch the Best Episodes of ‘Family Guy’ Online Now

There are few shows that can perfectly toe the lines between irreverent humor, pop culture quips and layered characters, but Family Guy is one of those shows.

It hasn’t always got it right or pleased everyone – the Fox comedy was canceled for a time after Season 3. But it came back with a bang, and the show has become one of the longest-running animated comedies with a dedicated cult following.

If you don’t yet know the dysfunctional Griffin family, their talking dog Brian and genius baby Stewie, the latest episodes are now being aired on Fox, which you can watch live or online through DIRECTV. We’ve listed some of the best Family Guy episodes to get you started.

‘Road to the Multiverse’

Season 8, Episode 1 | First aired Sept 27, 2009 | Watch Road to the Multiverse now

Our favorite dog-baby duo Brian and Stewie go on a road trip through alternate universes using a special remote control. This is Family Guy at its best, with musical numbers combined with hilarious gags and a touch of sincerity and heart. They take us through the multiverses of a post-apocalyptic world to a place where dogs rule and humans are the pets.

‘The Simpsons Guy’

Season 13, Episode 1 | First aired Sept 28, 2014| Watch The Simpsons Guy Now

In one of the best cartoon cross-overs we’ve ever seen, the Griffins make their way to Springfield and run into… You guessed it, the Simpson Family. A hilarious mash-up of two dysfunctional families sharing donuts and trying out each other’s weapons. What’s not to like?

‘Emmy-Winning Episode’

Season 16, Episode 1 | First aired Oct 1, 2017 | Watch the Emmy-Winning Episode now

Family Guy is at its funniest when it gets weirdly meta. One of the best examples is the episode when Peter tries to make Family Guy more like other Emmy-winning shows so it can finally win an award.

Seth MacFarlane’s show has won numerous awards – just not the top outstanding comedy series or animated series (like its fellow Fox animated comedy The Simpsons), so this episode is a hilarious and clever critique of the entertainment industry and Hollywood.

‘Back to the Pilot’

Season 10, Episode 5 | First aired Nov 13, 2011 | Watch Back to the Pilot now

Family Guy has always done time travel very well, and Back to the Pilot is one of the best. Brian and Stewie journey back to the late 90s to the first episode so Brian can retrieve an old tennis ball buried in the yard and they are faced with their original characters. The writers showcase their talent at meta-humor and relentless self-awareness, with the show constantly making fun of itself.


Season 10, Episode 17 | First aired Mar 18, 2012 | Watch Forget-Me-Not now

This relatively, well, weird episode begs the question: would we still be friends if it weren’t for the circumstances? According to Lois, Peter and Brian wouldn’t be. When Brian and Peter find themselves alone in the hospital with amnesia and no other people to be found, the question gets put to the test.

‘The D in Apartment 23’

Season 16, Episode 6 | First aired Nov 12, 2017. Watch The D in Apartment 23 now

A great example of Family Guy’s smart and bold social commentary, Brian gets kicked out of the Griffith’s house for posting an offensive tweet that goes viral. The episode takes place almost entirely within Brian and Stewie’s new apartment, allowing a focus on their character development and the show’s satirical critiques of modern culture.

‘Stewie Kills Lois’

Season 6, Episode 6 | First aired Nov 4, 2007 | Watch Stewie Kills Lois now

One of the more bizarre storylines throughout the show is Stewie’s obsession with killing Lois. In this episode, Stewie attempts to murder his mom after she punishes him for misbehaving, and what ensues is a gripping thriller of an episode that keeps viewers wanting more.

‘A Lot Going On Upstairs’

Season 14, Episode 15 | First aired Mar 6, 2016 | Watch A Lot Going on Upstairs now

In this episode, Stewie has to take some time off from being his typical prodigal self to deal with something every toddler experiences: nightmares. Brian works to help Stewie address his fears – by going inside of his dreams, of course – and comes to an emotional conclusion.

The episode title has a double meaning, as Peter and his friends get stuck in “Pete’s Pad” (the attic). So yeah, you could say there’s a lot going on upstairs.

‘Brian & Stewie’

Season 8, Episode 17 | First aired May 2, 2010 | Watch ‘Brian & Stewie’ now

In the same season as the genius multiverse show, this more understated episode is just as powerful and is ultimately a brilliant character study of two of Family Guy’s most interesting names.

Brian and Stewie are locked in a bank vault, and the story takes them on an emotional journey as their relationship implodes. After everything, they’re ultimately strengthened and behind the comedy is a heartfelt lesson to take away.

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