Everything to Know About ‘The Fall Guy’

Everything to Know About ‘The Fall Guy’

Actual movies that are about fictional movies being made are some of the most intriguing films there are — and The Fall Guy is no exception to this rule. Based on a 1980s ABC television series by the same name — The Fall Guy is a story that will have viewers hooked from the first take to the last kiss.

Directed by filmmaker David Leitch, this film gives movie lovers a look into how cutthroat Hollywood can be. Viewers are taken through a laundry list of twists and turns, centering around a love story a stuntman and film director who rediscover a long-dormant spark between them. The film flawlessly blends how strange business and relationships can be — let’s say … bedfellows in showbiz.

Background Info

Leitch has established an impressive resume throughout the movie industry. He has been a stuntman himself and has worked on films, including Deadpool 2 and Bullet Train. In 2014, he began establishing himself as a household name among the Hollywood directors set through his work on John Wick

Main Characters

Colt Seavers (Ryan Gosling) is an established Hollywood stuntman. After an accident, he is presented with an opportunity to resume his career alongside love interest and director, Jody Moreno (Emily Blunt), as the stuntman in her movie, Metal Storm.  

Metal Storm’s primary protagonist, Tom Ryder (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) is one of Hollywood’s biggest stars, and he does not like it when he feels someone is giving him a run for his money. Throughout the film, we see exactly how far Tom is willing to go to maintain his A-list status. Hannah Waddingham also brings her star power to the film as Metal Storm’s boisterous producer, Gail Meyers. Viewers learn that Gail is part of an elaborate scheme to lure Colt back to the set.  

As one can expect, an A-list Hollywood actor, such as a Tom Ryder, will bring a huge entourage with him. That entourage happens to include antagonistic bodyguards, a drug dealer and enterprising businessmen, all of whom both get in the way of Colt and also sabotage each other. 

Cultural References

As is common with many movies that center around fictional movies, there are a litany of movie references throughout. One can watch this film and hear references to previous classic films, including RockyThe Fast and the Furious saga, James BondJason BourneDumboNotting Hill and Pretty Woman

A number of noteworthy actors are also mentioned — including Tom Cruise, Naomi Watts, Daniel Day-Lewis and Harrison Ford. In addition, Tom’s dog becomes a huge help to Colt throughout the second half of the film. The dog’s name? Jean-Claude Van Damme. One thing about this canine — do not make him angry, especially if you are a man. If he gets the green light to attack, the result will be … painful. 

Double Features

The parallels between the love story described between the characters in Jody’s Metal storm movie and the actual love story that is being rekindled between Jody and Colt is a captivating theme viewers will delight in. 

This is emphasized in one scene midway through the movie where Jody runs the idea of a split screen scene by Colt while an actual split screen dialogue between the two main protagonists takes place. 

Iconic Backdrop

For a great deal of the film, the world-renowned metropolis that is Sydney, Australia serves as a picturesque backdrop for the film. One can see numerous shots of internationally known and venerable landmarks throughout the movie — including the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House. 

Where to Watch?

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