Our most anticipated ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ contestants

Our most anticipated ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ contestants

While summer may be coming to an end, paradise is just heating up on ABC. Wait no more, Bachelor Nation: Fan-favorite reality dating show Bachelor in Paradise is back. The new season is set to premiere on Tuesday, Sept. 27, and it’s bound to be spicy with this year’s contestants. But before the popular summer release airs, let’s catch up on some of our favorite contestants from previous seasons who we can’t wait to see in Mexico. Here are some of our most memorable heroes that we’re hoping will find love, villains that we’re counting on to bring the drama and delightful oddballs that are sure to bring the laughs.

But before we dig in, let’s catch up with host, Jesse Palmer and Paradise bartender, Wells Adams to see what they’re most excited about. 


Michael Allio

Previous season: Katie Thurston’s season of The Bachelorette (Season 17)

There’s no question — Michael is just a good person. From the beginning, it was easy to peg the single dad as a finalist. But it was his emotional exit that left everyone wanting more. Michael’s son called him in tears, asking if his dad had left because he “didn’t want to see him anymore.” So, Michael self-eliminated, telling Katie that he had to go home because his son needed him, leaving her heartbroken and all of us swooning. We’ll be crossing our collective fingers for Michael to find love in Mexico.

Brandon Jones

Previous season: Michelle Young’s season of The Bachelorette (Season 18)

Brandon had our hearts from day one. His playfulness was endearing, and his sincerity had us all rooting for him. Both of Michelle’s parents could see that he was genuine and that he would always put Michelle first. But in the finale, Brandon made it through his entire proposal speech, only to be rejected. And in one of the most emotional endings ever, he threw the engagement ring into the ocean. We’re really hoping that this season, he’ll find someone who will also put him first.

Teddi Wright

Previous season: Clayton Echard’s season of The Bachelor Season 26)

Teddi was immediately a fan favorite when she received Clayton’s first impression rose. She was also a virgin, but refreshingly — unlike seasons past — the franchise didn’t focus on it. Clayton and Teddi clearly had a connection, so we expected her to go far. But she was sent home just before Hometowns, which is fine because none of us would have wanted her to be subjected to his playboy behavior.

Andrew Spencer

Previous Season: Katie Thurston’s season of The Bachelorette (Season 17)

Andrew was sweet and always kept things fun on Katie’s season. In the week before Hometowns, Andrew was sent home, and Katie wept, admitting it was the first time she’d made a choice that she “wasn’t fully confident in.” Shortly thereafter, Andrew showed up at her door because he couldn’t leave her without a smile on her face. He professed his love and gave her a note to read after he left. The note said that if she changed her mind, he’d be waiting for her. She ran after him and asked him to stay a little longer. But that offer wasn’t good enough for Andrew, and he let her go, declaring that he wants his future wife to choose him.

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Shanae Ankney

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Previous season: Clayton Echard’s season of The Bachelor (Season 26)

Shanae was a contestant who we all loved to hate. At the beginning of Clayton’s season, when there were too many contestants to keep track of, she gave us some much-needed drama. She was easy to dislike because Clayton was attracted to her, and, therefore, she became drunk with power. She’s memorable because she did some shady things, like playing the victim; unacceptable things, like outing Elizabeth for her neurodivergence; and some zany things, like hogging a bunch of shrimp. Don’t worry, Shanae, there should be plenty of shrimp on the beach for everyone.

Logan Palmer

Previous season: Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia’s season of The Bachelorette (Season 19)

Logan was a major source of drama during Gabby and Rachel’s season. There had to be one contestant who both bachelorettes were interested in, and Logan was that guy. Logan and Gabby had a spark at the beginning, but Rachel also had her eye on him. When she told Gabby about her crush, Gabby bowed out. But midway through the season, after Logan had vowed to pursue Rachel, he switched to Gabby’s group. That was dramatic enough, but the very next week, Logan mysteriously left — with Jesse explaining that he had COVID.


Jacob Rapini

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Previous season: Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia’s season of The Bachelorette (Season 19)

Jacob could have fallen into the villains category because we all remember when he told Gabby that if she were the only bachelorette, he’d self-eliminate. But it was the straightforward way in which he told her that lands him in the oddball category. Weirdly, it felt like Jacob was just following directions because the bachelorettes had told the men to pick just one of them to pursue. Jacob pulled Gabby aside to have “an honest conversation,” but he had no clue how he was coming across. That lack of self-awareness can get people into trouble, but it can also create some awkward and kooky moments, and we’re here for all of it.

Lace Morris

Previous season: Bachelor in Paradise, Season 3

Lace was originally on Ben Higgins’s season of The Bachelor (Season 20), where she was known for drinking a lot and being too forward. Later, she was cast on the third season of Bachelor in Paradise, where she met Grant Kemp. The two fell so hard for each other that they got matching tattoos, and later got engaged. Their relationship had its ups and downs, to the point where Grant was unsure about proposing. Lace is a mix of tumultuous energy. She’s a hopeless romantic, and she never takes herself too seriously. It’s this combination that’s sure to bring us some great TV this fall.

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