New Olympics Sports in the 2024 Summer Games

New Olympics Sports in the 2024 Summer Games

The Paris Summer Games are a marvel of the world’s greatest athletes competing for gold and glory. While we’re looking forward to all of the traditionally popular summer competitions —- gymnastics, swimming, basketball, etc., there’s also a bunch of new sports to explore this year.

 Here’s a quick primer on what’s new this summer.



Setting the Scene: Breakdancing, officially known as breaking, is bringing urban street culture to the global stage. Competitors, known as B-Boys and B-Girls, perform intricate dance moves, spins, and acrobatics to the rhythm of music. Performances are judged on technique, creativity, and musicality. For now, it’s a one-time Olympic event and not scheduled to be part of the 2028 Games. This might be your one chance to see it at the Olympics — so don’t miss it!

Ones to Watch: For the men, American Victor Montalvo (B-Boy Victor) and Canadian Philip Kim (B-Boy Phil Wizard), both innovative and technically impressive, are early gold medal favorites. On the women’s side, watch out for American Sunny Choi (B-Girl Sunny) and Lithuania’s Dominika Banevic (B-Girl Nicka).

Location: LA CONCORDE – A concrete jungle temporarily built for the Summer Games in the heart of Paris. Home to 3×3 basketball, BMX freestyle, and skateboarding, the open-air venue keeps the sports in their natural environment.


Setting the Scene: Kayak Cross, also known as extreme slalom, is a high-adrenaline event that features head-to-head races where athletes navigate a challenging whitewater course, maneuvering through gates and performing rolls and turns in turbulent waters. Combining elements of traditional slalom, sprint racing and obstacle courses, Kayak Cross promises intense competition and spectacular excitement.

Ones to Watch: American Michal Smolen and Slovenian Peter Kauzer are seasoned paddlers with a track record of slalom success. Among the women, watch out for Australian Jessica Fox and Britain’s Mallory Franklin. American Evy Leibfarth, a young and talented paddler, could also compete for the medal stand. 

Location: VAIRES-SUR-MARNE NAUTICAL STADIUM – The venue is located 39 km outside of the city center and combines a lake and man-made rapids to host rowing and canoeing events. 


Setting the Scene: You may know it as “synchronized swimming.” To date, it’s been a sport traditionally for women at the Olympic level. Now, men’s artistic swimming makes its Olympic debut, with solo, duet and team events showcasing athletic artistry in the water. The addition diversifies the competition and highlights the sport’s evolution and inclusivity. 

Ones to Watch: Russia and Spain traditionally have exceptional performers. Russia’s Aleksandr Maltsev and Spain’s Fernando Diaz del Rio are among the best in the world. And keep an eye out for Japan’s Yotaro Sato.

Location: Aquatics Center, Paris – one of the only permanent venues in France built for the 2024 Paris Summer Games. The Aquatics Center will host international swimming and diving events for years to come. 


Setting the Scene: Combining elements of windsurfing, surfing and wakeboarding, kiteboarding sees athletes harnessing the power of the wind to propel themselves across the water, performing jaw-dropping aerial maneuvers and riding waves with agility and creativity. Falling under the sailing umbrella of events, kiteboarding is sure to be one of the most intense — and fun — events to watch this summer.

Ones to Watch: France’s Maxime Nocher, the hometown favorite in Paris, has collected a long string of kiteboarding championships. Also keep an eye on Great Britain’s Olly Bridge, known for his technical prowess. For the women, American Daniela Moroz, owner of multiple world titles, is an early gold medal contender, as is Brazil’s Bruna Kajiya.

Location: Marseilles Marina – Home to all sailing events. Athletes will enjoy the high-quality water conditions off the coast and spectators can embrace all the Mediterranean coast has to offer.


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