Get Ready for It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season 16

Get Ready for It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season 16

After more than a year since the last season of one of our favorite comedy series wrapped, the Gang is heading back to Paddy’s Pub – and we can’t wait to see what they do next.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is a sitcom for the ages, providing social commentary in such a way that almost makes you miss it. With the help of five selfish, depraved and narcissistic friends that viewers love to hate, the creators have helped us laugh about this crazy world. And they’ve done it successfully for 15 seasons.

In fact, It’s Always Sunny officially became the longest-running live-action sitcom in U.S. TV history at the start of its 15th season. But there are no signs of slowing down, and we’re more than happy to keep tagging along.

We’ll tell you everything you need to know about the upcoming season, including how to watch with DIRECTV. Plus, we’ll provide a list of some of the funniest episodes from previous seasons to get you used to all the belly laughs you’re bound to have.

Watch It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia with DIRECTV.


Season 16 of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia premieres on Wednesday, June 7 on FXX. You can watch with your DIRECTV subscription via Satellite or Internet on channel 259 or online with the DIRECTV App.

Two episodes will be released on June 7, and the remainder of the season will be released weekly.


What conspiracies, crimes and crass humor can we expect from the Gang this season? One thing we know for sure is Frank, Mac, Dee, Dennis and Charlie will all be wreaking havoc on our screens. The season trailer also hints at a visit from Brian Cranston and Aaron Paul – with Charlie behind the wheel, though, who knows what’s bound to happen.

Among some of the other topics we can expect to see include Mac’s sexuality, Dennis’s mental health, guns, rent control, women’s athletics and… Russia?

Until then, here are some of our favorite episodes from past seasons. You can watch these episodes and more with DIRECTV. And if you aren’t a DIRECTV customer yet, you can sign up online or over the phone, and get access to the top content (It’s Always Sunny included) you want.

And once season 16 of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia starts, you can watch the episodes live on channel 259.



Season 6 Episode 3 | Watch Now

“It’s the implication,” is probably one of the most quoted lines from the show – and rightfully so, as this episode is one to remember. The Gang buys a boat (owned by Devito in real life) and Dennis immediately makes it weird. According to his problematic thought process, boats are a great way to get girls. Especially when you take them out into international waters…

While Dennis’s “implication” is deeply problematic (right along with the D.E.N.N.I.S. System), this episode has hilarious moments throughout, as the Gang feuds and fights over what to do with the boat. And we know how that usually goes…


Season 7 Episode 8 | Watch Now

A classic example of the Gang at their worst, ‘Chardee MacDennis’ is a game almost as iconic as It’s Always Sunny is. This hilarious episode follows the five friends playing a home-made boardgame at Paddy’s Pub. But typical for the Gang, this boardgame is anything but normal. In fact, the rules highly suggest nailing the game board to a surface, as flipping the board out of anger isn’t uncommon.


Season 8 Episode 5 | Watch Now

This episode starts with Dee talking to her therapist about a dilemma her and the rest of the Gang are facing. And because these friends are an excellent example of codependency, it’s no surprise they all end up at the appointment.

From deep denial to dead pigeons, this episode provides viewers with some of the only (mostly) unbiased commentary on the Gang’s mental health. So, if you’ve been wondering what could possibly go on in the minds of these characters, this is an episode you don’t want to miss!


Season 10 Episode 4 | Watch Now

The Gang’s antics don’t stop for anything, not even health inspections. After cleaning the bar from top to bottom in preparation, Charlie finds the rest of the Gang in the middle of scam involving live chickens, 4,000 steaks and airline miles. This episode is incredibly funny per usual, but unique in that we don’t often see Charlie take control – or do anything involving responsibility, really – all that often.


Season 12 Episode 6 | Watch Now

Another example of the Gang misusing professional services, they ask an arbitrator to decide which of them deserves a winning lottery ticket they all claim ownership of. This episode also reasons with ethics, as the characters decide whether Frank using a slur to call for Mac’s attention to save him from an accident makes him a hero or a bigot.


Whether you’re watching for the first time or binging for the 10th, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia doesn’t get old. And with all the unpredictable things happening in our world today, we can bet that season 16 is going to include episodes too good to miss.

And with DIRECTV, you can watch whenever, wherever. From watching live on channel 259 to watching on-the-go with the DIRECTV App, the Gang is never more than a click away.

For customers with service via Satellite or Internet, you can also record the entire new season on your DVR to make sure you never miss an episode.

For new customers, you can sign up for DIRECTV today. Discover the package that’s right for you here.

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