Watch the Best Episodes of ‘Danger Force’ On DIRECTV

Watch the Best Episodes of ‘Danger Force’ On DIRECTV

First premiering on Nickelodeon in 2020, Danger Force was the perfect show to take families and kids to an alternate place while the world was on lockdown.

The American comedy series is a spin-off from beloved Henry Danger and follows a group of young superheroes who attend a school for crime-fighting. Reprising their roles from Henry Danger, Cooper Barnes and Michael D. Cohen return as Captain Man and Schwoz as they recruit four children to train as superheroes.

There’s Chapa, whose power is electrokinesis, Mika, who develops the ability of sonic scream, Miles who can teleport, and Bose, with the power of telekinesis.

Join the team on their action-packed adventures by streaming online or watching on demand through DIRECTV. As the third season is now airing, here are some of the top episodes to get you started.


Season 1, Episode 20 | 2021 |  Watch Miles Has Visions now

While Miles has the power of teleportation, this episode reveals to us that he has also been experiencing visions of sorts. Surprisingly to him and the rest of the Danger Force squad, Miles’ visions seem to come true shortly after he has them. Worried, Captain Man believes he knows who is behind Miles’ new talent. Watch the episode to find out if he’s right.


Season 1, Episode 26 | 2021 |  Watch Drive Hard now

The Danger Force gang is tasked with delivering a highly anticipated Hollywood movie to its premiere. Rather than use Miles’ teleportation, they pile up in an RV and make their way to California, where they encounter thieves, tricks and more. Watch the Season 1 finale to find out if they make it to the premiere.


Season 2, Episode 1 | 2021|  Watch An Imposter Among Us now

Season 2 comes back with a hilarious bang, and with something that feels very close to home. The kids believe they can live without the internet and be fine. But they end up acting like cavemen. Meanwhile, the villain Rick Twitler returns with a new plan to control Mika’s mind through a VR video game.


Season 2, Episode 26 | 2022 |  Watch Unmasked now

The Danger Force kids risk exposing their superhero identities when they accidentally leave fingerprints on some crime scene evidence. But they’ll stop at nothing to prevent their parents from finding out who’s behind the masks.


Season 3, Episode 1 | 2023| Watch Watch The Force Returns Part 1 now

After leaving Danger Force at the end of Season 2, the children are leaving regular lives. Not long after, though, their moms go missing – so they have to get back to the action and reunite with Captain Man in hopes of finding out where their moms are, and who took them.


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