Top Seasons of American Horror Story Curated for You

Top Seasons of American Horror Story Curated for You

American Horror Story changed what we understood to be TV horror. It reinvigorated the genre, drawing a new generation of fans into the world of haunted houses, witches, cults and more.

The popular horror anthology television series premiered on FX in 2011, and has since aired 10 more seasons. Each season explores a horror sub-genre we’ve seen many times before. But with the creative and disturbing twists thought up by creators Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk, we’ve never seen horror like this.

The award-winning show spans characters, eras and locations – from a haunted hotel, a slasher summer camp, the apocalypse, and spooks in NYC.

And while the new seasons are as spooky and imaginative as ever, we’re looking back at the first six seasons, available for you to binge on demand or stream online with DIRECTV.


Season 1 | 2011 |  American Horror Story: Murder House

Murder House was the first series that brought AHS creator Ryan Murphy’s anthology storytelling to live. Season 1 follows an unhappily married couple as they purchase a discounted house in a bid to heal their relationship and put their past behind them. Before long, the family discover they’re not alone in their new home – the previous tenants, and their victims, are also living in the house.


Season 2 | 2012 | American Horror Story: Asylum

Set in a New England hospital, Asylum reveals the brutal injustices inflicted upon mentally ill people in the 20th Century. It features non-stop psychological horror and frights at the institution Briarcliff Manor. Frights like a nun possessed by the devil and a serial killer hiding in plain sight, to name a few.


Season 3 | 2013 |  American Horror Story: Coven

Coven follows a coven of witches living in present-day New Orleans, haunted by secrets of the Salem Witch Trials 300 years prior. Zoe Benson (Taissa Farmiga) comes to train under Cordelia Foxx (Sarah Paulson) after a troubled life brought about by her abilities as a witch. But the story delves deeper into the real horrors of the atrocities of slavery in the southern states.


Season 4 | 2014 |  American Horror Story: Freak Show

From conjoined twins to a killer clown, season 4 of AHS follows a troupe of misfits attempting to survive in 1952 Florida. Survive both in terms of keeping their local circus show afloat, and keeping themselves alive (see killer clown). Led by the misguided and complex Elsa Mars (Jessica Lange), we watch her “monsters” grapple with the dichotomy of society finding them both repulsive and intoxicating, all at the same time.

Season 4 is the first time we see a character from a previous season – Pepper (Naomi Grossman), originally a patient at Briarcliff Manor, is part of the Freak Show down in Florida by the start of Season 4.


Season 5 | 2015 |  American Horror Story: Hotel

Starring Lady Gaga in her first leading role – where she also won her first acting award – Hotel is based on LA’s Cecil Hotel. Cecil is infamous for unexplained spooky disappearances. The season follows inhabitants of the hotel, including vampire Lady Gaga hellbent on revenge, as well as ghosts of guests past.

Wes Bentley stars as the detective earnestly trying to piece together all the clues of gruesome murders in the hotel. It’s a dark and twisted tale exploring the horrors of addiction and obsession.


Season 6 | 2016 | American Horror Story: Roanoke

Like many of AHS’s seasons (Hotel included), Season 6 pull from the horrors of real life, rooting the plot in the long-lost colony of Roanoke Island. A new format for the anthology series, Roanoke follows a couple being interviewed for a documentary about their traumatic experience in their home in the North Carolina woods.

Despite being less well-received by fans than other seasons, the season is filled with dynamic storylines and particularly strong performances. From Kathy Bates as “The Butcher”, Adina Porter as Lee Harris, and Lady Gaga, you don’t want to skip this one.


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