13 Reasons to Have a ‘Friday the 13th’ Marathon

13 Reasons to Have a ‘Friday the 13th’ Marathon

Friday the 13 doesn’t come around all the time, in fact, the unluckiest day (depending on who you ask) only happens a couple times a year (if we’re lucky). So, it seems like a great excuse to binge all of the Friday the 13th movies to celebrate. As if you needed an excuse, here are 13 reasons to watch them all.

“Friday the 13th” is Iconic

Is there another film franchise or character that has become such an embedded part of the American culture? We think not. From video games, graphic novels, iconography and even tattoos, Jason’s hockey mask is so recognizable that it has an identity all its own.

Reacquaint Yourself with Jason

Jason is an interesting villain; in that he was made that way threw being victimized himself (and driven by revenge). He is one of those bad guys you hate to hate, because he has a few redeeming qualities and a few characteristic that just make him…cool.

  • He won’t hurt animals
  • He’s the strong, silent type
  • He virtually indestructible

To Get Scared

That’s the whole point of watching horror movies, right? Keep the spooky vibes going all day with an all-Jason marathon.  

Figure Out the Ever-Evolving Storyline

The thing about Friday the 13th is that the plot is all over the place. By the end of the franchise, it has pretty much gone off the rails. See if you can figure it out and keep the varied storylines in check. Also, feel free to report back your findings @DIRECTV.

Because the Music is Awesome

Seriously, goosebumps. And…who can forget the “Jason noises.”

Jason’s Future is in Limbo

The Friday the 13th franchise is embattled in a court case, which leaves its future up in the air. So, we may be have all the Jason we’ll be getting. Let’s be grateful for what we have. 

Each Movie is Different than the Last

Seriously, as we said before, the storyline is wild and the cast is always changing. So even though the Jason may be a recurring theme, he always looks and acts a little different than the last time we saw him. Who doesn’t like variety?

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Because it Eventually Becomes a Zombie Film

Jason is dead, after all. Or is he?

Count the Inconsistencies

Make a game out of finding all the variations between the movies. Was Jason born deformed? Why is his face always mutating? Is he dead? Anyone’s guess.

Which Jason is Your Favorite?

Do you like innocent child Jason, or freakishly strong superhuman Jason? In the constantly evolving storyline, there’s so many different Jasons to love.

Friday the 13th is Relatively Tame

Friday the 13th is no Saw. And although it’s wildly violent with a higher victim count that many horror movies, the dated effects and cheesy dialogue help make this franchise way more palatable than its modern counterparts.

The Victims are Gorgeous

A Friday the 13th marathon is a journey through the fashion of the ’80s into the ’90s and it’s fun to appreciate the beauty of all the franchise’s victims. Oh yeah. And, Kevin Bacon!

Because You Can!

Start from the beginning and follow the story or jump around to your favorites. DIRECTV is offering the Friday the 13th movies for rent for only $.99 through May 15. Now that’s a deal that you can’t walk (or run) away from. Start watching now.