‘The Batman’ Deleted Joker Scene Reveals A New Take on an Old Foe

‘The Batman’ Deleted Joker Scene Reveals A New Take on an Old Foe

It took less than a month for director, Matt Reeves and Warner Bros to leak a deleted scene from the recently released new movie, The Batman. Positioned more as a teaser than an omission, this clip shows Robert Pattinson’s The Batman and Barry Keoghan’s proto-Joker having a discussion in Arkham Asylum that is very reminiscent of The Silence of the Lambs, with Batman seeking insight into the Riddler’s murderous rampage.

Watch the scene below:  

The scene gives a larger, albeit distorted, view of The Joker than the feature film itself, where the demented clown only makes a brief appearance. Maybe it’s the mysterious glance at the wildly disfigured bad guy, or maybe it’s Koeghan’s unhinged portrayal, but as usual, The Joker serves as a captivating lure to any remaining hold outs yet to see the latest installation of DC Universe’s favorite storyline.

Here’s what Keoghan had to say on his Twitter:

Much like Batman, The Joker has had many interpretations since his creation, with each actor taking creative liberties in their portrayals. From the beloved Heath Ledger version in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight and Jack Nicholson’s composed rendition in Tim Burton’s Batman, to Jared Leto’s maniacal adversary in Suicide Squad and Joaquin Phoenix as disturbed loner in Joker, the disfigured funny guy has a personality worth playing with. 

The Batman is in theaters now and is expected to hit Max in late April.

Top Image Screenshot: Warner Bros/DC

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