The Scariest Movie Villain of All Time Showdown: Round 2

The Scariest Movie Villain of All Time Showdown: Round 2

We started with ten of movie history’s most terrifying villains. You voted, and now we’ve narrowed them down to four. Four of the greatest evils of all time, murderously preying on the weak, vulnerable, and anyone who gets in their way. They might be masked, made up, or invisible to the naked eye, but these four sinister psychopaths have left their dark mark on audiences across generations, and we’re back to see who’ll take the final crown as the Scariest Movie Villain of All Time.  

Check out the original top ten here and read on to vote for the most horrific one of all. 


What’s your deepest, darkest fear? You don’t have to tell us. Pennywise the Dancing Clown (also simply known as It) already knows – and he’s going to use it against you. Stephen King’s hair-raising creation has quite the backstory, positioning “It” as a pure source of evil. Billions of years old, this shape-shifting creature lives deep below the fictional town of Derry, Maine, morphing into any object, human or animal being in order to manipulate its victims. Why? It survives on human flesh, of course; all the more delicious when marinated in fear. 

Whether you’re reading the book, watching Tim Curry in the 1990’s miniseries, or Bill Skarsgard in the latest movies, you might have to take a breather from time to time to catch your breath and calm those cold chills. 

Michael Myers

He killed his own sister at the tender age of six. Think he’ll spare you? Jamie Lee Curtis has been on the run from this butcher knife-wielding psychopath for forty years, ever since he escaped from a mental asylum to return to his hometown and prey on more teenagers in the first installment of “Halloween.” His murderous rage has gone beyond cinema (ten whole movies worth) and inspired a range of terrifying novels, comic books, and video games. Why? Because the worst part is bullets, fires, falls — nothing works. Michael Myers just won’t die.

The Invisible Man

While H.G. Wells’ original character was evil enough on his own, this year’s remake brings “The Invisible Man” to new, petrifying heights. In an update that The New York Times says “trades science-fiction shivers for #MeToo horror,” in 2020 nothing’s scarier than the all-too-serious reality of domestic abuse. Whether the crazed scientist is out for world domination (like 1933’s antagonist) or if he’s just got it out for the woman he pretends to love, Dr. Griffin is without a doubt dangerously evil. 


From the sick minds of creators James Wan and Leigh Whannell, the “Saw” franchise spans eight (soon to be nine with 2021’s “Spiral”) disturbing slasher films with the soulless Jigsaw Killer at their center. For Jigsaw, life and death are a game, and his victims the pawns with which he plays. He’s not out for murder, per se, but his blood-thirsty antics test his subjects’ will to live. And if they fail, they end up dying, killing each other, or worse – surviving (minus a limb or two) to remember the hellish horrors he inflicted on them. 

For all you horror freaks and geeks, the newest installment stars Chris Rock and Samuel L. Jackson and is set to be released in May 2021.  

Vote now on your ultimate Halloween villain and check back for the winner of this spooky bracket! 

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