Before taking his own life at the age of 45, Silvio Horta was a writing wunderkind who was best known as the creator of the hit TV show “Ugly Betty, now considered a lynchpin of Latinx representation and empowerment in the entertainment world. Though his own story ended tragically, Horta’s work in TV and films brought forth the kind of stories that were sorely missing for generations from the small screen, touching the lives of millions in the process.

Like many aspiring writers before him, Horta’s story began in Hollywood. After struggling through a job as a Nordstrom perfume spritzer, he made the cross-country trek from New York City to L.A., desperate to land any job, in the entertainment industry. Fortune would be on his side, as he was able to land a few high-profile meetings rather soon—all this while crashing on a friend’s couch. 

Just two years after setting his sights on Tinseltown, he had sold the script for “Urban Legend to a rising studio. Sporting a budget of $14 million, and starring Jared Leto, Alicia Witt, Rebecca Gayheart, and Tara Reid, the teen slasher film went on to amass $38 million in the states, and bring in an additional $34 million in international revenue. Not bad for a first-at-bat.

Horta’s meteoric rise would continue undeterred. By 26, he was working as the industry’s youngest showrunner, manning the reigns on the sci-fi series “The Chronicle”. And just four years later, ABC greenlit “Ugly Betty”, a quirky dramedy starring America Ferrera that was adapted from a Colombian telenovela of a similar name, and which drew 16 million viewers at its zenith. But perhaps most importantly, through Ferrera’s character, Horta offered audiences a relatable female character who surmounted her modest class background to achieve success in the cut-throat industry of fashion, despite her status as a Latinx woman whose outward appearance attracted a lot of criticism from her onscreen coworkers. Providing a parallel to the show’s most dedicated viewers’ lives, Betty had beaten the odds…against all odds.