Maui Fires: How DIRECTV and Others are Helping Those Affected

Maui Fires: How DIRECTV and Others are Helping Those Affected

Maui’s tranquil beauty is being tested as wildfires, fueled by hurricane winds, sweep through the area triggering evacuations, power outages, property destruction and loss of life to residents, businesses and visitors. With the people of Maui on our minds, we want to share some of the resources and assistance available to those affected by this disaster so they can stay informed and connected.

How DIRECTV Can Help

Intensifying the devastating nature of the fires, many Hawaiians are left without cell phone service which makes getting and delivering vital information even more difficult. Alongside road closures, payment and call center interruptions and postal delays, it is exceedingly difficult for those on the island outside of immediate danger to conduct daily life and business. There are a few ways that DIRECTV can help.

Account Relief and Assistance

UPDATE: Aug. 16, 2023

Given the widespread devastation across the Lahaina area impacting the western portion of Maui, DIRECTV is automatically issuing 100% credits for service to all consumer and business customers in the Lahaina zip codes (96761 and 96767) starting Aug. 8 thru Oct. 8. Additionally, DIRECTV has automatically paused any credit or collection activities for customers in the 19 affected zip codes and is working with any affected customers on a case-by-case basis to provide additional assistance and relief. This includes helping with account suspensions, caring for damaged equipment, working through billing concerns and more.

Continued Access to DIRECTV Service

Satellite networks have the unique benefit of continuing to operate regardless of what’s happening on Earth, which means customers with power will still be able to access their DIRECTV via satellite TV service.

Customers connecting via internet-only through a DIRECTV Gemini device will maintain service when a broadband connection is available. All customers can access the DIRECTV App via their smartphone or personal device. This means that vital information or entertainment can be viewed from anywhere, which is critical in the case of a natural disaster, like the Maui fires. Get the DIRECTV App now.

Information Technology Disaster Resource Center

DIRECTV’s partnership with the Information Technology Disaster Resource Center (ITDRC), an organization that collects technology resources to fulfill its mission of Connecting Communities in Crisis. Through this collaboration, residents can stay connected through DIRECTV satellite connectivity in shelters across Maui. Additionally, DIRECTV is donating 1,000 emergency weather radios (~$25,000 value) via the Satellite Broadcasting & Communications Association Foundation to provide an alternative method for residents to receive emergency information during this difficult time.

These are just a few of the ways DIRECTV ensures that communities remain connected. Learn more about how the company helps during natural disasters, including during hurricane season

How Others Are Helping

Many companies and organizations are doing their part to assist Maui people in need.

  • With cell service outages in some areas of Maui, AT&T is pitching in by waiving certain fees including talk, text and data overage charges, as mentioned in a CNN article.
  • Airlines, including Southwest Airlines and American Airlines, are stepping in to help people get off the island by adding additional flights, larger aircraft and discounted fares.
  • CNN offers a “lite” site that helps in a low bandwidth connectivity situation with minimal graphics and short loading times.
  • Apple’s free Emergency SOS allows iPhone users to contact dedicated dispatchers in emergency situations via satellites. When a user attempts to call 911 and is unable to get on a cell network, they will be automatically redirected to the service’s dispatchers.
  • Hawaii’s Red Cross can be reached at 1-800-RED-CROSS to check on loved ones or access resources. They also provide an emergency app to get immediate assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which zip codes are affected and being assisted by DIRECTV?

96708, 96713, 96729, 96732, 96733, 96742, 96748, 96753, 96757, 96761, 96763, 96767, 96768, 96770, 96779, 96784, 96788, 96790 and 96793.

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