Lullaby TV: Shows Kids Can Watch Before Bedtime

Does bedtime seem so far away you might go mad if you don’t get a break from high-energy children? Perhaps you’re a babysitter running out of steam? How about nestling the littles on the couch with a night time snack…and distracting them with some guilt-free TV shows for a cool down before bedtime. Use this time to zone out and relax, but don’t be surprised if you find yourself getting hooked on the lives and adventures of these endearing, creative and lovable characters.


Paw Patrol follows the adventures of six heroic puppies, led by a tech-savvy young boy named Ryder. Each pup possesses unique skills and talents, from firefighting and police work to construction and aviation, allowing them to tackle any emergency and protect their community. When there’s trouble in Adventure Bay, Ryder and the pups spring into action to save the day. With themes of teamwork, problem-solving and compassion, Paw Patrol exemplifies the power of helping others while delivering heartwarming adventures that captivate young audiences and inspire the spirit of camaraderie and bravery. The kids will be dreaming of heroic adventures all night long. Watch Paw Patrol on DIRECTV


Peppa Pig is a delightful animated series that follows the charming adventures of Peppa, a lovable little pig, and her family and friends. Living in the idyllic town of Peppatown, Peppa explores the joys and challenges of everyday life through imaginative play, laughter and heartwarming interactions. With her brother George, Mummy Pig, Daddy Pig and a host of colorful characters, Peppa embraces the wonder of childhood, learning valuable lessons about friendship, sharing and the world around her. The show’s playful storytelling and gentle humor have made it a beloved favorite among young audiences, encouraging creativity and curiosity while spreading happiness and fun. Watch Peppa Pig on DIRECTV


Bluey is an Australian animated series that follows the adventures of a spirited six-year-old blue heeler puppy named Bluey and her family. Set in suburban Australia, the show celebrates the joy of unstructured play, as Bluey and her family engage in imaginative games that mirror the magic and challenges of childhood. Alongside the fun, Bluey imparts valuable life lessons about resilience, empathy and communication creating a heartwarming and relatable viewing experience for both children and adults. With its delightful storytelling and genuine warmth, Bluey has become a beloved cultural phenomenon, inspiring creativity, family bonding and cherishing the magical moments of growing up:


Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood is an animated children’s television series based on the beloved characters from Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood. The show centers around Daniel Tiger, the curious and kind four-year-old tiger, as he embarks on adventures in the charming and imaginative Neighborhood of Make-Believe. Guided by his loving parents and caring neighbors, Daniel learns valuable life lessons about empathy, emotions, friendship and problem-solving. Each episode explores common childhood challenges and offers practical strategies for young viewers to cope with their feelings and navigate everyday experiences. Through catchy musical tunes and delightful storytelling, Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood nurtures social and emotional development, making it a heartwarming and educational series that fosters important skills for lifelong learning. Watch Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood on DIRECTV


Bubble Guppies is a vibrant and engaging animated series that follows the underwater adventures of a group of adorable preschool fish-tailed friends. Led by the enthusiastic teacher Mr. Grouper, the guppies attend the colorful and interactive underwater school, tackling a new theme daily and exploring various subjects from science and math to literature and music. With catchy songs and interactive elements, the show encourages young viewers to participate and learn alongside the guppies. Bubble Guppies promotes essential early childhood skills while instilling a love for exploration and friendship, making it a delightful and educational journey for preschoolers to dive into the wonders of learning. Watch Bubble Guppies on DIRECTV


Doc McStuffins follows the adventures of a spirited young girl named Doc, who possesses the magical ability to bring her toys to life. In her playhouse clinic, Doc becomes a toy doctor, attending to her patients with kindness and compassion. With her loyal and animated toy friends, Doc helps diagnose and solve their ailments, teaching life lessons about empathy and problem-solving. With its empowering messages and entertaining storytelling, Doc McStuffins captivates young audiences, inspiring them to dream big and embrace their unique talents while reinforcing the importance of love and friendship. Watch Doc McStuffins on DIRECTV.


Sports broadcaster, and voice of the Los Angeles Dodgers, Joe Davis visited the DIRECTV Studio and let us in on what films and tv shows bring his family together. If a before bedtime cool down is what you need, you can even play this video for the kids and let them relax to Joe’s calming voice. ASMR isn’t just for adults: