Performing at the big game is a rite of passage and a major accomplishment for music superstars. When you’ve finally had the storied halftime show to yourself, you can essentially say you’ve “made it.” For Lady Gaga, that moment wouldn’t come until nearly a decade into her takeover of the pop world, but it surely would come. Now, with an upcoming performance on her hands this February at the Super Saturday Night celebration, it’s time to take a look back at all of Gaga’s Super Bowl successes. 

This particular performance is another milestone for Gaga, because she’ll be helping to celebrate the event’s 10th anniversary, as it will be taking place on February 1. Super Saturday Night is a tradition that comes from a long line of celebrations AT&T and DIRECTV have promoted in the name of the Big Game for over 15 years. Fans can enjoy show-stopping concert and party to get hyped for the Super Bowl the next day.  

And it’s time for Gaga’s star to shine once more. Consider that, before the last couple of years, in the nine years since releasing her breakout single “Just Dance,” Gaga had yet to perform at the Super Bowl despite all the massive successes she had enjoyed throughout the pop music landscape. That would all change in 2016, when she was finally invited to perform the National Anthem at Super Bowl 50.


Hitting the field in a shimmering red suit and slicked-back platinum suit, she belted out a beautiful rendition of the ceremonial song while clutching a bedazzled microphone. For that dazzling moment, America was able to overlook the “quirky Lady Gaga,” seeing only the powerful performer in front of them. It was a veritable pitch-perfect performance, which drew cheers from the massive crowd before she even finished the final verse.