‘Interview with the Vampire’ episode 6 recap

‘Interview with the Vampire’ episode 6 recap

This week, we see what happens to Louis and Lestat’s relationship after their massive fight.

Let’s dive into the highlights of this week’s episode. And to catch up, read episode 1,episode 2, episode 3, episode 4 and episode 5 recaps here.

Lestat leaves and then tries to win Louis back 

We ended the last episode with Lestat brutally beating Louis after Claudia returns home. We were shocked to find out that Lestat could fly (and so was the journalist Daniel Molloy) and equally as shocked when Lestat made the decision to drop Louis from thousands of feet above ground.

When Louis hits the ground, his body is (obviously) a shell of its former self. His face is battered and bruised beyond recognition, but he survives the fall because he’s a vampire. Lestat is nowhere to be found, and Claudia brings Louis into their home to nurse him back to health. 

After Louis and Lestat’s (one-sided) fight, Lestat leaves for a long time. Even though Louis’ body is unrecognizable, he finally looks genuinely happy for the first time in years because he gets to spend time with Claudia. Lestat eventually comes back to the house in an attempt to apologize to Louis, but Claudia refuses to allow Lestat see Louis. When Louis overhears Lestat at the door, he decides to make a grand statement by throwing Lestat’s coffin out of the window.

Lestat and Louis make up

It takes three years before Lestat tries to win Louis back again. The next attempt involves Lestat trying to give a Rolls-Royce to Louis, which he flatly denies. Over the next decade, Lestat keeps trying to make amends with Louis. Finally, the straw that breaks the camel’s back is a song that Lestat records for Louis. The record features Lestat on the piano and Antoinette, Lestat’s mistress, singing. Hearing Antoinette sing is what makes Louis change his mind. The jealousy and lust Louis feels after hearing Antoinette and Lestat on the same record makes him swim across the Mississippi River to confront them. The conversation ends with Lestat and Louis making up and making love.

After Louis and Lestat make up, Louis is tasked with trying to help mend the relationship between Claudia and Lestat. They both have a deep dislike of each other because Claudia and Lestat are both battling for Louis’ love. Also, they don’t trust each other, as they think their opponent in this love triangle doesn’t have Louis’ best interest at heart. (Note: Just to clarify, Claudia’s love for Louis is more of a daughter/sister love, while Lestat’s love is more of a romantic love — almost bordering on obsession). 

In an attempt to bring their family together, Lestat tells Louis and Claudia about his origin story. Lestat seems like a cold-blooded killer and terrible husband, but his origin story is still pretty depressing. It helps set a lot of context for his character and frame him in a way that helps you understand why he is how he is.

He tells Claudia and Louis that he was locked away by a man named Magnus in a dungeon full of rotting corpses, which looked similar to him. From what he could tell from the remains of their bodies, they were tall with blonde hair and slight bodies. This miserable place did a number on his sanity, and he remained there until Magnus turned him into a vampire. Without any explanation of his existence or what vampires are like, Magnus killed himself in front of Lestat. The only tangible thing Magnus provided to Lestat was a bunch of money. The intangible things that Magnus left Lestat with were serious abandonment and belonging issues in a world where vampires were few and far between.

Claudia attempts to run away again

After years of living as a sad excuse for a family, Claudia again tries to convince Louis to go to Europe with her. Louis knows that his connection to Claudia is so much stronger than his connection to Lestat, but he manages to convince himself that he would only hold Claudia back from living the vampire life she truly wants to live.

After that, we witness a heartbreaking scene where Louis and Claudia hug and she says goodbye to him. But Lestat is on to her, and he doesn’t want Claudia to go to Europe because he thinks it will break Louis’ heart. He follows her to the train that she’s on and kills the people onboard before threatening her. He tells her she needs to come home and take care of Louis. He leaves her with a terrifying threat: “Because if you try this again, Claudia, I won’t snap your leg, defile your pocket and zoom off on a motorbike. I’ll turn your bones to dust.”

Who is Rashid?!

The episode ends with an awesome flashback to when Louis and Daniel first met at a bar in San Francisco 49 years ago. Their conversation is so intriguing, and it sounds like the two might be romantically interested in each other. But what really blows our minds is Rashid appears at the end of the scene. Who is Rashid?! Is he a vampire who can stay awake during the day since he’s awake during the day in the present day scenes? Or is Daniel just hallucinating during this flashback?

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