‘Interview with the Vampire’ episode 5 recap

‘Interview with the Vampire’ episode 5 recap

Last week, we ended on a very sad note. Claudia accidentally killed her first love, Charlie, in the heat of romance, and she pleaded to Louis and Lestat to turn Charlie into a vampire. After burning Charlie’s body in the incinerator, it’s clear that Claudia has a completely different outlook on life (or death?).

Now, let’s dive into the highlights of this week’s episode! And to catch up, read episode 1,episode 2, episode 3 and episode 4 recaps here.

Claudia Eats Everyone Up 

After accidentally killing Charlie, Lestat and Louis believe that Claudia is in deep depression. They haven’t seen her in weeks, and they assume that she’s starving herself after the tragedy. However, Claudia is doing the exact opposite. It turns out that Claudia is on a killing spree. On top of that, she’s incriminating herself by writing down the gory details of her kills in her journal, which is how Lestat and Louis find out about Claudia’s nightly kills. 

After Lestat and Louis confront Claudia about her killing spree, they’re blown away to find out how she’s getting rid of the bodies. Instead of using the incinerator at their home to dispose of the bodies  — which Lestat and Louis have been doing for years to not leave any trace — Claudia is burying the bodies in a remote area, which Lestat and Louis quickly realize is a terrible place to get rid of the bodies. They know that as soon as it rains, the bodies will resurface. Sure enough, it rains, and the police discover more than 50 dead bodies that have been mutilated in a way they’ve never seen before. 

Claudia Runs Away from Home

During an investigation into the cause of the deaths, the cops end up at Louis, Lestat and Claudia’s house. Luckily, the vampire family is able to escape unscathed from the investigation, save for a fine for possessing wine during prohibition. But this stressful event directly leads to a huge crack in the family. Louis and Lestat can’t believe that Claudia is so careless in her kills. This has the potential to completely destroy their lives, and they let Claudia know how disappointed they are. 

Claudia breaks down after getting lectured by Louis and Lestat. She lets them know how much she hates being a vampire. It turns out that many of her kills are actually failed attempts to turn a boy or man into a vampire. Why? Because she wants to have a vampire lover after she accidentally killed Charlie while making love. After blaming Louis and Lestat for ruining her life, she runs away from home and leaves Louis heartbroken. 

Is This the End for Louis and Lestat?

After years of searching for Claudia, Louis is just about to give up. He becomes a shell of his former self. He falls into a deep depression, and it completely destroys his relationship with Lestat despite Lestat’s attempts to keep the fire alive. Lestat tries to take Louis out for nights on the town, but gets turned down every time. As a result, Lestat resorts to hooking up with Antoinette to fulfill his needs.  

Claudia is on a killing spree at local colleges, which Louis and Lestat are following in the local newspaper. During one of these college scenes, we see Claudia meet another vampire named Bruce. At first, Claudia is excited to finally meet someone like her. Unfortunately, things take a turn for the worse because Bruce doesn’t want to be friends with Claudia. He quickly disables Claudia, and it’s clear that he has bad intentions. The audience is left in the dark as to what happens next, and we don’t feel good about it. We wish this scene didn’t happen. 

After finding out how terrible the world is to young female vampires, Claudia returns home to Louis. Lestat is annoyed, and his anger reaches a fever pitch when Claudia tries to convince Louis to go to Europe with her. Surprisingly, Lestat decides that the best way to handle the situation is to pummel Louis in a disgusting display of domestic violence. This is a huge departure from the Interview with the Vampirefilm. As Lestat flies above the clouds (wait, he can fly?!) while holding a battered Louis, he says “I have waited, Louis. I have patiently waited. In vain. For you to love me as I love you. Just say it. Say, ‘Lestat, I am never going to love you.’ It would help me a great deal to hear that from your lips…your quivering, hateful lips.” When Louis doesn’t say that he loves Lestat, Lestat drops him to the ground, thousands of feet below…

It’ll be interesting to see what happens in next week’s episode. Are Louis and Lestat done forever? You would think so after Lestat beat Louis to a pulp, but Louis seems to still have good things to say about Lestat in his interview with the journalist Daniel Molloy. We can’t wait to tune into AMC+ for episode 6!

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